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Do me a favour, if you think it’s okay to leave your dog in a hot car, even for just a few minutes go and try this out. Put on a warm coat, go and sit in the car when it’s hot. Crack the window an inch and then sit there. Sit there and see how you feel. I bet you want to open the window further quite quickly – well don’t because your dog can’t.

Tracey Morgan

Animal hugger, tea drinker, John Candy biographer, co-host of Alternate Endings podcast

 One of our biggest concerns before our little boy Sonny was born was how our jack russell Mario would take to him. The dog has had our undivided attention for the past 9 years and has effectively been our child, but with a few simple adjustments to his lifestyle he seems to have accepted the newcomer to his home.

Oli Reed

Full-time dad, part-time adventurer and occasional blogger at

This study provides a fascinating insight into what type of information may be most likely to deter people from purchasing an exotic species, and suggests that reducing the demand for exotics – and all of the negative consequences that accompany that demand – may indeed be possible.

Neil D’Cruze

Head of Wildlife Research and Policy at World Animal Protection, UK

 The death of a beloved companion animal can leave a massive hole in a family’s life. But, unlike the death of a human family member, the death of a precious pet can leave a caring and devoted animal lover in emotional turmoil for other reasons, aside from the very real sense of grief experienced.

 ‘We should plant something on his grave, so he’s still alive somehow,’ he said as together we slowly covered Elvis’ body with earth. And we shall. A scented rose, I think. Yes, Elvis was just a dog. A wonderful, wonderful dog and there will always be an Elvis-shaped hole in our hearts.

Joely Carey

Journalist trapped in a love/hate relationship with London

 As a nation of animal lovers, we naturally want the best for our pets. The rising cost of advanced diagnostic equipment and procedures has led to more expensive veterinary treatment. How can pet owners shoulder the cost whilst doing the best they can for their pets?

 As a select committee of MPs considers what should be done about the pet trade, Blue Cross is urging a pragmatic solution that will really work.

 Britain has long been touted as a nation of animal lovers, which was confirmed last year when we spent a record £6 billion on our pets. But as medical care becomes better, animals are living longer and this is contributing to a rise in old-age conditions that would have been rarer in the past.

 The artist’s work takes 3D tech to the limits by creating items that are truly bespoke and unique to the individual. Dimitris is recognised as an international expert on 3D art and has exhibited internationally.

 Don’t laugh, but dogs really are like us… some demonstrative, some distant, some needy, others uncomfortable with little if any shows of affection (let’s call these essentially British in nature).

Judith Owen

Welsh singer/ songwriter, London & LA based

 The bond between humans and animals is amazing. In many households, pets are an important part of the family dynamic, but in others they are have an even more important role.

 As dramatic as it may sound, microchipping your dog and keeping your contact details up to date could be the difference between being reunited with your pet if he goes missing and never seeing him again. This is why every dog welfare organisation is in support of the new legislation – it will drastically help in returning missing dogs to their owners.

 When a dog food is low in carbohydrate it is usually exchanged for fat and not all dogs can tolerate too much fat. It’s really important to consider the entire picture and the whole dog – not just the condition.

Kristina Johansen

Certified canine dietary consultant who’s journey into doggy nutrition started out of love for an old rescue dog.

 The market for technology for our pets, or ‘pet tech’, including wearables such as activity trackers, is one of the last hi-tech frontiers set to be conquered. The charge is coming not from the UK, but from California.

 If the last law about collar and tag is little known and rarely enforced, will it be the same for microchipping? And if the scanning of the microchip is not going to be part of this new legislation, will all this effort be in vain if you’re in the unfortunate circumstance of losing your pet.

Clare Williams

Chief Executive of rescue and rehoming charity the National Animal Welfare Trust

 I’m writing this blog on a plane, unable to sleep, having sniffled into a hanky for the first three hours. I’m on my way to do the thing I love the most… tour. That’s right I’m a musician, with a new album to promote, who lives to tour.

Judith Owen

Welsh singer/ songwriter, London & LA based


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