10 times Sheldon was the smartest character on the show


Sheldon Lee Cooper is one of the main characters in The Big Bang Theory sitcom. Despite his unusual quirks, he’s actually the smartest and brightest Texas-born boy. Sheldon attended college when he was just 11 years old and he didn’t hesitate to show off his incredible knowledge in all aspects of science. In fact, he reveled in it.

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Although Sheldon was the smartest guy who lived at 2311 North Los Robles Avenue, he had weaknesses when it came to ordinary situations. He had no idea of ​​an understanding of sarcasm and irony, and he lacked social skills and certain human emotions such as empathy. But, it is clear that being surrounded by other humans affected him considerably throughout. The Big Bang Theory. There have been many times Sheldon has shown his intellectual superiority surprisingly well.

ten The treasure hunt

The Big Bang Theory Cast

In the third episode of The Big Bang Theory ‘s seventh season, The scavenger vortex, Sheldon proved his incredible ability when he predicted one of the specific stages of the match. He packed his personalized bowling ball because he believed one of the clues would be in a bowling alley, which is exactly what happened.

Plus, he solved the comic book store puzzle in seconds, which was really exciting, especially for Penny, who wanted to prove to Leonard that his team would win the game.

9 He befriended Stephen Hawking

Sheldon Cooper and Stephen Hawking

Sheldon believed that no one was smarter than him in The Big Bang Theory, with the exception of Stephen Hawking. After having had the chance to meet Hawking and present his article, he wanted to spend more time with him. In Hawking’s excitement, he said it was as if he lived on a planet populated by dogs only and suddenly learned that there was another human being, Stephen Hawking.

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So when he got the chance to befriend Hawking in a game called Words with friends, he jumped on it. He actually beat Hawking in the game, which almost ended their relationship.

8 He found the cameras in the storage room

sheldon portal joke

In The 43 particularity in season 6 of The Big Bang TheoryHoward noticed that every day at a certain time, Sheldon disappeared without mentioning where he was going. Even Alex, Sheldon’s assistant, didn’t know where his boss was at this time of day.

So Howard and Raj decided to follow Sheldon, and they discovered that he was going to a room in a remote area of ​​the university. Dying of curiosity, they came back at night, picked the lock, entered the room and saw the number 43 written on a blackboard. As they grew more and more confused, Howard put a hidden camera in the room to catch Sheldon red-handed, but their efforts didn’t pay off when Sheldon found the camera and replaced the video stream.

7 The smartest even when he was drunk

sheldon tbbt function

In season 9 of The Big Bang Theory, Bernadette told Howard she was pregnant, and Howard was overjoyed at first, but then the fear of raising a child set in. He told his friends that he was worried that he would not be able to take on the financial responsibilities of raising a child, so they decided to go to a bar and party instead of worrying about the to come up.

Howard, Raj, Leonard and Sheldon ordered cocktails while discussing possible ways to make more money by The negative positive reaction. A drunken Sheldon told them how they could build a gyroscope using liquid helium that would actually work. They were surprised to see that even in his drunken phase, Sheldon was smarter than everyone else.

6 He presented a great idea to encourage women to pursue science studies

sheldon's big bang theory

The guys had to come up with an idea to promote science careers for women. Not all Leonard’s ideas sounded good. In a desperate move, he decided to ask Sheldon to help him figure out how to encourage young women to pursue a career in science.

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And since Sheldon was the bright, he said they needed to talk to middle school students rather than college level. In The implementation of contractual obligations, it took Sheldon less than a minute to come up with his amazing idea and Leonard was shocked that he hadn’t thought of it at all.

5 He perfected three-way chess

sheldon in his place

While others were wasting their time doing ordinary, unproductive things, Sheldon designed a whole new game of three-way chess. In The implementation of wildebeest, Sheldon also created new pieces called Serpent and Old Woman, Prince Joey, Catapult, Gorilla, Transporter Pad, Golf Cart, Time Machine, The Beekeeper, The Pope, and Jet Pack. Even the names sound bright and creative.

It’s no secret that Sheldon enjoys being alone, so he plays three-way chess with two imaginary characters. It might sound strange, but this level of creativity is pretty inspiring.

4 He is excellent for revenge

In season four of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon needed to go to the bathroom. When he walked in Leonard and Priya were in the shower and he had to go to Penny’s to use the bathroom. So, Sheldon told Leonard he was charged with two violations of their roommate agreement. Priya, a qualified lawyer, reversed the situation to quash the charges.

In Dissection of the Accord, Sheldon was more than upset. He decided to write a new and improved roommate agreement that would be of great benefit to him and threatened Leonard to sign it. If Leonard didn’t sign it, he would call Priya’s parents and reveal that they were dating in secret.

3 Master of thought outside the box

sheldon cooper big bang theory

In Einstein’s approximation, Sheldon was struggling to solve a graphene physics problem when he came up with a brilliant idea. He believed that if he spent hours doing menial work, his brain would be able to solve the problem faster. This idea was inspired by Einstein, who thought a lot when he worked in a patent office. And Sheldon was smart enough to use him in this particular situation.

Finding the solution to a problem is one thing, but figuring out how to find the solution was another, and Sheldon did it wonderfully.

2 He made Leonard walk in his shoes

In The brain itch simulation episode of The Big Bang Theory, Leonard rummaged through his old stuff and found a red sweater. It was a gift from her aunt, but the fabric was so itchy and itchy on the skin a lot. So when Sheldon found out Leonard hadn’t returned an old DVD on time, he was very irritated and wanted to convey to Leonard how much unresolved situations bothered him.

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Sheldon asked Leonard to wear the itchy sweater until he returned the DVD. What Leonard didn’t know was that Sheldon had already paid the late fees for the DVD. Sheldon was a genius but he can be evil at times.

1 Sheldon saved Leonard’s life

Sheldon and Leonard TBBT

In a flashback during The implementation of the staircase, fans see when Leonard first moved in with Sheldon. The couple didn’t get along very well, especially when Leonard brought some of his friends home. Leonard tried an experiment on the famous broken elevator, but he didn’t know he had made a terrible mistake in his calculations.

Sheldon saw the error and pointed it out, but Leonard didn’t listen. Within minutes, he saw that Sheldon was right and rushed to the elevator door to take out the cylinder that was about to explode, but it was too late. Sheldon took the cylinder from him and placed it in the elevator, which then exploded. If Sheldon hadn’t pushed Leonard out of the elevator, Leonard would have died in the explosion.

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