2022 has been tough, so here’s a nature documentary series about baby animals


“Wild Babies” sounds like a mellow, precious antidote to our hard times, but it could also contain some surprising emotion. There’s a pretty sad clip of a shivering penguin, and if this show thinks we forgot “March of The Penguins,” that’s a big mistake. Helena Bonham Carter narrates the series, and in the trailer she says, “For a baby born wild, the journey to adulthood will be difficult, but most don’t have to struggle alone.”

The implication here seems to be that most of these little creatures will get by with the help of their families, but Bonham Carter also mentions that survival in the wild takes a special kind of determination. Unfortunately, science hasn’t evolved to give us nature documentaries where every animal lives forever, but in the meantime, it looks awesome.

Here’s the official synopsis for “Wild Babies”:

Every living creature begins life as a baby. From birth, the adventure of life begins. Some enjoy a happy childhood full of playtime with siblings and the carefree fun that comes with learning skills as adults. Others have a rude awakening as they are thrown into a survival game from day one, and have to learn to fend for themselves…or not. Born Wild reveals the secret lives of baby animals as we venture into their world for insight into events and interactions we rarely see.

“Wild Babies” will debut on Netflix on May 5, 2022.


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