4 Keys to Patriots 36-13 victory over Titans


Takeout covers defense against uneven running

After a three-way clear to start the game, the Patriots’ defense allowed the Titans to find their rhythm in attack with sustained practices, although these were undermined by an extra point missed and a missed basket in the first. halftime that helped New England retain their lead.

Overall, the Patriots ‘defense fell back to earth in this one after a scorching stretch, allowing for surprising games of a battered Titans’ offense that capitalized on some breakdowns. They’ve allowed over 200 rushing yards for the first time this season, while the Titans have also rushed 200 rushing yards for their first time this season.

Take-out once again made the difference. As the Titans prepared for another quality practice towards the end of the first half, Davon Godchaux forced a fumble and Kyle Dugger picked it up as the tide turned in favor of the Patriots. But that wouldn’t last long, as the Titans would reclaim the ball once again and snatch a 68-yard third-yard draw and 3 for a touchdown just before half-time. It was the kind of big game breakdown that has been absent for most of the season against the Pats D.

The defense looked to pick up where it left off in the third quarter, allowing D’Onta Forman a 34-yard rush, before JC Jackson kicked the ball and Jalen Mills got it back for the second out. defense of the match. Jackson would strike again with the Titans on the edge of the end zone in the fourth quarter and use it in the 4th and 2nd, collecting his seventh assist of the year after a tip from Devin McCourty to give New England their third takeaway from the game.

Their ways of hawking the balls bailed them out in this game and allowed the offense to score enough points to pull away, but overall it was a surprisingly flat performance against the run and it allowed the Titans hanging out.

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