A home away from home for dogs



CELORON, NY – On a misty morning in the village of Celoron in Chautauqua County, Falconer’s Monica Buck brings her two 2-year-old golden doodles, Foxy and Milo, to Dino and Bruno’s House, an 11-year-old safe house dog. 000 square feet park and daycare, before leaving for work.

Bruno is a German Shepherd and Dino is a Cream English Golden Retriever, both are almost 2 years old. Right off the bat, the two are immediately delighted to spend time with their friends.

“Just the constant interaction with people and other dogs is really good for them,” Buck said. “So they get energy all day long instead of just being home all day in their cage.”

Monica was working from home for a few months last year due to the pandemic, so Foxy and Milo got used to her being home all day, every day, although she wasn’t always able to play with them.

“I took them to the outdoor dog park after work just to have some energy,” Buck added. “And they fell in love with it so much, that I was like, if there’s a way to keep doing it while I’m at work that would be great.”

Dogs can go to daycare for a full day or half a day, and are constantly on the run, with a few water breaks in between. Other activities include a full obstacle course, maze, swing, and a number of toys for a spirited tug of war game.

“Coming here they are never alone,” said Brooke DeCola, Managing Director of Bruno and Dino’s House. “They are always with humans. At least two and at least three other dogs throughout the day. There are also other people who come with their dogs.”

Day watch dogs are also fed and walked. Then it’s recess again, before getting ready to go home.

“They can come here and run and play,” DeCola said. “So after a long day at work, you can go home and relax because your dog burned off all of his energy while he was here.”

And shortly after Monica’s workday is over, she picks up the dogs and stays for a bit to play with them.

“The more you can do this and expose your dogs to other dogs and other people, the better off they will be for you,” Buck said.

Dogs aren’t the only ones playing, as there are games for the whole family, as well as enclosed seating areas.

But after playtime is over, Monica gets her dogs ready to go, walks over to the car, and brings them home.

“It’s nice to freshen up from the day, from a long day at work and see them with their happy faces and to know that they also had a good day running, so when we get back to the home, they’ll be tired for the rest of the day, ”Buck said.

Dino and Bruno’s house is open seven days a week and also has birthday and rescue parties for dogs.

Pet experts say your dog might be anxious to be home alone now and could benefit from dog day care, including refusing treats, pacing and panting when he’s not hot .



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