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The Argentavis in ARK: Survival Evolved is a giant eagle whose saddle features a movable workbench. Wild, however, he is aggressive and persistent, he decided on prey. Due to its size, the Argentavis is the largest bird on the island.

Find out everything there is to know about the giant eagle in our guide to Argentavis. But also how to catch it, tame it, feed it and also raise its offspring.

This is the Argentavis in ARK: Survival Evolved

Appearance: Ranging in size from about 15 (4.57 m) to 20 feet (about 6 m), the Argentavis is the largest bird on the island. It has a sharp beak typical of a bird of prey, as well as sharp claws on its feet. Equipped with this, he can already hurt the prey by grabbing it and finally dismember it quite simply.

Savage: The Argentavis can be found both in the air and on the ground, most often seen fighting its prey on the ground while flying through the air. It will only attack you if you are below it, like raptors. If you got too close to it, provoked it, or if it chose you as its prey, it will chase you for a long distance, making it difficult to evade it.

As it shares its habitat with many predators, including larger ones, it is satisfied with carrion as food or leaves behind part of its prey.

Domestic: Tamed, with the Argentavis saddle you always have a mobile workbench with you, in which stone, crystal and metal weigh only half of what they weigh in your inventory. This makes it perfect for transporting when you grow these materials. But the Argentavis also cuts a good figure as a normal mount.

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How to Tame Argentavis in ARK

How to hunt Argentavis: You can tame Argentavis with or without a trap, depending on how easy or difficult you want to do it.

Without trap: Grab your crossbow or bow and equip it with tranquilizer darts. Now shoot the Argentavis, preferably when it has just landed on the ground. After hitting him he will attack you and you can keep shooting him until he is knocked out. However, you will take damage and your mount, if you have one with you, will interfere, which can quickly lead to the completion of the Argentavis.

To avoid this, you can “park” your mount a little further away. Also, don’t run near him during the Argentavi attack.

With trap: Of course it’s easier, but also more complex with a trap. You build the trap, as with the Snowy Owl, by placing two stone gates (large enough for the Argentavis) opposite each other with sufficient distance, then connecting them with a stone fence foundation. Pierre. Above the foundation you then place stone door frames as high as the stone door. Finally, all you have to do is cover the whole thing with the stone ceiling.

Leave one door open and close the other. Taunt the Argentavis by hitting it when it follows you or wants to attack you, run through the open door into the trap and close the open door as soon as it’s inside.

You can now easily shoot him unconscious through the stone door frames.

How to tame it: Once he’s unconscious, put some meat or kibble in his inventory and give that to him. To reduce the Argentavis and increase the stun value, it is best to use the Anesthetic or the Narcoberries.

How to make the Argentavis saddle

To craft the Argentavis Saddle, you need to be level 62 and 21 engram points to unlock the recipe. You now need the following resources to create:

  • 350 leather
  • 185 fibers
  • 150 chitin, keratin or shell fragment

How to Feed an Argentavis in ARK

Once you’ve tamed your Argentavis, it’s important to know what it likes to eat. Argentavis are carnivorous, which of course makes it easier to choose food.

  • Superior kibbles:
    • Ingredients: 1x large egg, 1x smoked fillet, 5x fiber, 2x lemon, 2x rare mushroom, 1x resin, 1x water
    • Smoked fillet ingredients: 1x grilled fillet, 1x oil, 3x lighting powder
  • Kibbles (Stegosaurus Egg)
    • Ingredients: 1x Stegosaurus Egg, 1x Lemon, 1x Smoked Meat, 2x Mejoberries, 3x Fiber, 1x Water
    • Smoked meat ingredients: 1x grilled meat, 1x oil, 3x lighting powder
  • Red sheep:
    • Received by eviscerating Ovis.
    • Cooking turns it into a cooked lamb chop
  • Raw fillet:
    • Obtained when gutting larger creatures
    • Cooking turns it into grilled fillet
  • Fillet of raw fish:
    • Obtained from Alpha Mosasaurs, Dunkleosteus, Electrophorus, Leedsichthys, Megalodon and Sabertooth Salmon
    • Cooking turns it into cooked fish fillet
  • Raw meat:
    • Earned by gutting a carnivore
    • Cooking turns it into grilled meat
  • Raw fish:
    • Fish gutting receipt
    • Cooking turns it into cooked fish

How to Farm Argentavis in ARK

Here’s how to prepare for breeding: If you have a male and female specimen, you are at best building a large enough enclosure. Put both dinos in the pen and set them to “roam” via the command menu. Alternatively, you can also switch directly to “Pair”, but there must always be a player nearby, otherwise pairing will stop due to rendering.

The breeding interval for an Argentavis is 18 to 48 hours.

arche-argentavis-baby - Guided

How to hatch eggs: If you obtained a Fertilized Argentavis Egg as a result of a successful mating, hatching begins. For this, the room temperature of the egg must be between 12°C and 13.5°C and in the incubator at 13°C. Under standard settings, the little Argentavis baby hatches after about 3 hours. After that, it takes about 5.5 hours of attention, during which you continue to put food into its inventory.

Once it has acquired juvenile status, it can feed on its own. The entire ripening time lasts approximately 2 days and 6.5 hours.

Beginner tips on farming in ARK can be found here:

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