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Among Gagosian the gallery’s many assets, self-mythology and personal branding are path Up there.

Clearly, Larry created a cult of personality that helped make him the most successful gallery owner in the world. But its employees are also known to have cult-like followers: Sarah hooverthe maximalist feminism of ‘her makes her an influencer, and Adam cohenThe combination of an online store and a nomadic gallery, A Hug From The Art World, rocked it in 2019.

Today there is a new generation of ambitious young art lovers ready to rise through the ranks, and among them is none other than Allen Beaker, the 25-year-old adopted daughter of the disgraced filmmaker Woody allen and Soon-Yi Previn.

Bechet – which I can only imagine is named after the late jazz saxophonist Sidney Béchet, whose music often appears in Woody’s cinematic art at Bard College, and is now associated with the reception at Gagosian’s Upper East Side site. Which town !

Bechet could not be reached immediately for comment.


For reasons I’m not entirely clear on, Paul Chanthe new room at Greene Naftali, A drawing as a recording of an insurgency (2021), has inspired a lot of anger on the Internet.

Critical Adam lehrer plugged the song into his Sub stack, calling him “disconnected savage” and “a shocking new low in the world of contemporary art”. the Manhattan Art Review (executed by Sa tatol) called Chan “the only actor in this crime against our collective conscience, because [the show] simply represents the downward trend in our culture towards a senescence that is just as present on the so-called left as it is on the right. “


Last weekend I went out to Chelsea galleries and put your eyes on the show myself, and left pretty much unchanged. My blood pressure did not rise and I did not get Stendhal syndrome because of its beauty either. It’s just a bland political work of art. But hey, I’m a gossip columnist, not a critic.

But apparently there is quite a bit of the Internet. On January 5, several people including the gallery owner Theta Jordan barsé, artists Michèle Graf, Nick irvin, Jason hirata, and Tatol, received personalized text messages from an unknown number claiming to be the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

“SEAN – It’s Nancy Pelosi. I’m incredulous,” the message begins, beginning with a photo of Pelosi with a vacant, almost threatening smile. It then unfolds as a PAC sponsored call to action on the anniversary of the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol, to which, of course, Chan’s article directly addresses.

Finally, the kicker: “That’s why I need you to come to the opening of the new exhibition by artist Paul Chan at the GREENE NAFTALI GALLERY, tomorrow on the ground floor, from 6 pm to 8 pm.

After a job description, the endless text continues: “I cannot overstate how grateful I would be for your presence at the momentous show of solidarity with the federal government. I need 560 RSVP before midnight to protect every last inch of Joe biden, our Democratic majority, and to close Asset and Republicans’ plans to regain power. Can you donate $ 600,000 to the Greene Naftali Gallery now? “

Tatol and Lehrer were both originally convinced the posts were part of the show, until it became apparent that neither Greene Naftali nor Chan were in the joke. Chan could not be reached for comment, and a gallery representative confirmed Fresh paint that he was unrelated to the programming of the show.

For me the stuffing smells Brad Troemel, who is notorious for letting neoliberalism put a tremendous strain on him. I asked Troemel if it was him, and he denied, adding that “it was all cringe.”

All I know is the area code says the number is from New Jersey, and when I tried to call / message the number, I get voicemail and my texts show green. So the mystery continues… who is so enraged by Paul Chan’s art that they would go through all of this effort?


The recently emancipated Britney spears post a Sally mann photo on Instagram *** Loïc Gouzer take to ‘Gram to denounce the quarantine measures of Covid-19 *** Leo Fitzpatrick hawking quarters with conspiracy theories engraved in them by Ben werther for $ 100 per pop in his gallery, Public access *** Franck Ocean having lunch at Balthazar *** Hipster photographer cobrasnake reappear to take pictures of a Drunk channel party *** Reese’s Sprouts cereals in collaboration with KAWS, with cereal boxes in bodegas around Brooklyn ***Coco Gordon Moore, Miles greenberg, and Alexandra Marzella at Precious Okoyomon, Juliana Huxtable, and writer Rachel White Rabbitreadings through Wonder Club to Ace Hotel in Brooklyn *** Nathan Fielder strolling through east Los Angeles in his You’re here ***

have I found it or has it found me?

– eileen (@eileencartter) January 11, 2022


Downtown gallery Real pain changed his name to Harkawik, the owner’s last name, in an effort to be taken more seriously … Ariana Grande recently visited the popular Bushwick bar Carmelo with all the security details, and angered the regulars at the pool tables by starting them off from their game … Moràn Moràn now represents CauleenBlack-smithRichPaul, James lebronthe manager and the boyfriend of Adele, donated a Kehinde Wiley work at LACMA … The Succession the cast had a party last week at the nine, a cocktail bar “if you know, you know” owned by John neidich, son of a collector Dan Neidich … Actress Madeline Quinn apparently dating one of the anonymous hosts of the film’s podcast on Ion pack, and both were spotted at KBG bar This weekend … Candice Breitz had to cancel his latest film project, the final chapter in a trilogy, due to exposure to COVID …


I still (reluctantly) spend most of my time locked in my Brooklyn apartment with my dog, sullenly staring out the window at the frozen trash on the street, which doesn’t make for very interesting photos.

So this week I decided to send Wet Paint on a trip to the sunny west coast asking the artist Lauren Quin to show us a week in his life. Oddly enough, I’ve known Quin since I was a kid: we went to the same high school in Atlanta (come on Knights!) The most watched artists in Los Angeles.

Take it away, Lauren!


Last week I asked you some good people who you think might have been the collector who tried to buy the fake Banksys out of @colalex for $ 25,000.

Writer Helene holmes wrote saying it could be a blunder that only New York’s new mayor Eric adams would be able to. Collector Scott Lorinsky suggested that it was Ann freedman, adding: “Ann assures everyone that ‘they are real … and that they are spectacular’.

This week my question for you is: Which artist is least likely to do an NFT?

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