Attack launched on unsuspecting prey


Oh, to be an animal in the wild. One minute you think you’re in the clear and the next you’re ambushed. This poor warthog thought it was safe to trot along an open road in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, relying on early predator detection in case of a quick escape. But for the two lionesses hiding in the tall grass that lined the path, it was an easy opportunity for their next meal.

Shannon Finnegan was on safari in the national reserve when she saw the surprise attack. She and her group decided to drive on a quieter road as it was less popular, and they were the only ones on the road when they finally saw some wildlife. Suddenly, two lionesses jumped onto the road in front of them, seemingly coming from nowhere. Excited by the rare experience of seeing lions so close, they slowly followed the two animals down the road. It seemed that the pair consisted of a mature lioness and a younger lioness. But 90 to 100 meters ahead of the lionesses, an adult warthog minding its own business started walking down the road. The lionesses quickly darted into the tall grass to the side, switching to hunting mode. As the warthog closed in on the car, the lionesses gently moved into position to strategically attack their prey. The young lioness positioned herself behind the warthog while the older one remained hidden near the vehicle.

Shannon said Latest sightings“It was amazing to see the lion hunting tactics…Once the warthog was within reach, the young female jumped up behind him and scared him straight into the mouth of the mature female. We couldn’t Believe what we had just witnessed. The lions quickly dispatched the warthog and the air filled with the scent of its now exposed intestines. The two females quickly worked up their fresh meal. It is truly an encounter that I will never forget and I am so grateful to have witnessed.

This warthog didn’t stand a chance, but it’s not every day that you see some of nature’s most dangerous moments in action.

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