Bird flu is reported at Yakima Greenway, if you walk around make sure you don’t spread it


YAKIMA, WA – Bird flu or more commonly known as bird flu has been reported at Yakima Greenway.

According to the Washington State Department of Agriculture, bird flu was first reported this year in Yakima County on June 7, 2022.

If you’re walking through the park, here are some signs to look out for if you think a bird might be sick.

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administrationif a bird looks like it has no energy, has problems with coordination when walking, coughs and sneezes, or keeps walking in circles –

these theses could all be signs to watch out for.

The Executive Director of Yakima Greenway is trying to raise awareness and warn people to please wipe their shoes and dog’s paws if they walk around the park.

“It would be very unfortunate if people started losing their livelihoods,” said Kellie Connaughton, executive director of the Yakima Greenway. “A lot of people keep homing pigeons in this community, a lot of people are falconers so it can be devastating. Even as much as the little songbirds that you see here in the park but in our neighborhoods, they can be dramatically affected by this flu.

Bird flu is very rare in humans, but if someone catches it, it can be deadly.

According to the Mayo Clinic, the signs and symptoms to look out for are cough, fever, sore throat, muscle pain, headache, and shortness of breath.

The Mayo Clinic recommends seeking immediate medical attention if you experience any of these symptoms and have traveled to an area where bird flu occurs.

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