Bird of prey ‘targeting blonde women’ as it terrorizes UK village in bizarre attacks


A bird of prey set its sights on a local woman who resorted to arming herself with a large stick to get rid of the winged attacker.

The buzzard is terrorizing locals along a footpath leading to the Brae part of Beauly in Invernness County, Scotland, where a woman had to start carrying a stick to fend off the bird.

Laundry worker Heather Hughson says the bird, which appears to have a thing against blonde hair and ponytails, attacked her as she walked the popular footpath, reports the Daily Record.

The bad-tempered buzzard, named Bertie, allegedly attacked Hughson and left him with nasty injuries.

Hughson resorted to carrying a large stick to repel the bird of prey

Speaking of the trail’s bird problem, Hughson said: “This buzzard attacked me out of nowhere. Next thing I knew there was a big bang on the back of my head.

“It was a strength. I was shedding blood and had two wounds – one more painful than the other. It was very swollen.

“I never thought that in a month of Sunday I would be attacked by a buzzard.”

As shocking and surprising as the first attack was, Hughson found herself in another violent encounter with the beaked beast the next day.

The moody beaked beast targets blondes along a footpath in Scotland
The moody beast targets blondes along a footpath in Scotland

Hughson has now started carrying a large stick to protect himself from the winged attacker and said: “I was out walking with a friend when we came across a woman having a fit.

“She had a cut on her head and another on her forehead. She was quite shocked. The buzzard is one of a pair that has a nest on top.

“He’s just defending his nest. I’ve been told he likes people with blonde hair and ponytails. I’m strawberry blonde and had my hair up. The woman I met who had attacked was blonde with a ponytail.

“Maybe he’s just fidgeting with the ponytail movement.”

An RSPB spokesperson said the birds can be aggressive while nesting and they ‘do not normally attack people – but it can happen’.

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