Blowers to succeed Cossel at the head of the ISG



Paul Cossell (left) with his successor Matt Blowers

Paul Cossell is stepping down after six years as head of ISG, but will remain with the company in an executive role as vice president.

New CEO Matt Blowers will be supported by Zoe Price and Bart Korink, both of whom have more roles. Zoe Price becomes COO for ISG UK operations, and Bart Korink is COO for growing international business. Tom Smith joins the Board of Directors as Commercial Director, while Karen Booth, Jane Falconer and Richard Hubbard continue as Directors in charge of Finance, Human Resources and Marketing respectively.

Matt Blowers joined ISG in 1998 as Deputy Director of Construction and rose through the ranks, becoming a Statutory Member of the Board of Directors in January 2019 and COO of the company’s fit-out business.

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Paul Cossell said: “This long-planned succession will provide the springboard for our continued success as we enter a very dynamic business and social landscape, where our skills and expertise will prove essential to many of our most pressing global challenges. important. “

Matt Blowers added, “Paul’s accomplishments in the industry are very important and I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor and leader to support my career at ISG. As the CEO of an organization that constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible, I see my role in continuing the ethical principles and philosophies that have forged six years of prosperity at ISG.

He added: “Tackling the challenge of perceiving our industry is high on my priority list, as we need to attract a more diverse talent pool, with skills and expertise in specialties that many would not bring together. not necessarily to the built environment. “

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