Cannon Falls football works its muscles against Pine Island


Cannon Falls head football coach Dan Meyers told KDHL during the Cannon Falls Coaches Show on Saturday Pine Island has a good football team.

This after his Bombers defeated the Panthers 57-21 on the road on Friday night.

Coach Meyers was happy to see his team execute their Triple-T option offense more effectively in their third game.

The No.3-ranked Cannon Falls Class 3A team replaces many players from a team that went undefeated last year but did not have a state playoffs to attempt a title race. State.

Nine different backers from the Bombers amassed 407 rushing yards led by Carson Hammel with 154 yards on 16 carries and 4 touchdowns. Colton Otto added 70 yards on 8 carries, Colton Loeschke scored twice with 57 yards on 10 carries, Riley Keenan scored and 57 yards on 5 carries, Jon Banks 25 yards on 3 carries to pace the team.

Otto threw 3 passes, completed 2, for 33 yards.

The Bombers took a 15-0 lead with a 7-yard touchdown by Loeschke, a two-run run was good by Hammel with 7:39 to go.

The other score was a 6-yard run from Hammel followed by Spencer Krinke’s extra kick with 4:09 left.

Cannon Falls led 15-6 after the first quarter with Pine Island scoring on a 43-yard pass from senior Nick Grande to rookie Blake Schiltz. The extra kick wasn’t good.

Halftime score was 34-14.

Loeschke scored a 4-yard touchdown and the two-run conversion attempt failed at 9:19.

Hammel scored on a 3-yard run with 3:45 left and an 11-yard dart with 1:06 left in the half. Krinke kicks the extra point on the first TD and the next attempt is blocked.

The Panthers’ score in the second quarter was a 26-yard rush from Jarod White. He also converted the conversion of two points on a race.

After 3 quarters, it was 42-21.

Hammel ran 44 yards to the end zone with Loeschke converting the two runs on a run with 4:41 left in the quarter.

Pine Island’s last score with 6:34 left in the third quarter was a 4-yard run by White. The extra kick was good.

Keenan ran 13 yards for a scoreline with Krinke connecting the extra kick with 9:12 left in the game.

Cannon Falls’ final score was a 3-yard run by Jackson Ekstrom with Krinke throwing a pass to Beau Zimmerman for a two-point conversion.

Pine Island was limited to 98 rushing yards, 182 passing yards on the night. 280 yards total.

Beau Zimmerman had 9 tackles, 2 for losses and a fumble to lead the defense. Loeschke made 7 tackles, 1 for loss.

Jonathan Banks and Sam Shepersky ended the night with 6 tackles each. Kendrick Otto forced the fumble. Kalahan Anderson had a sack and 3 tackles for a loss in the game.

Do any of them surprise you?

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