CBS7 takes a bird’s eye view of the Permian Basin International Oil Show


ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) – The Permian Basin International Oil Show begins Tuesday and continues through Thursday. And while most of the equipment and displays you’ll see at the Ector County Coliseum are on the ground, CBS7 got a glimpse of some electronics and flying animals.

The first is a DS30W drone operated by Lythix, the only such drone in the United States.

So what makes it so unique? Rather than being powered by batteries, it is powered by hydrogen. This means that instead of getting the usual 20 to 30 minutes of flight time like most drones, the DS30W can stay in the air for over three hours, allowing businesses to inspect, map and d ” take thermal readings more quickly.

“It takes a lot longer to do something when you can’t have the bird in the air for long periods of time,” said Toni Jameson, CEO of Lythix. “So this bird is really going to change the way we provide this service to our customers. “

The drone also has a higher wind tolerance than most drones, making it a better fit for the blustery spring of West Texas.

Equally unique is Challenger, the bald eagle.

Challenger is a 32-year-old eagle with a long history of performing at public sporting events and public places. He even met with American presidents.

He will be at the show with Eagle Rubber and Supply, where you can learn about birds of prey.

So whether you work in petroleum, are an avid drone enthusiast, or just a big fan of nature, there is something at the Permian Basin International Oil Show for everyone.

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