CFL Betting Odds and Endings – Week 10


Week 10 has big stories. Can the Bombers stay undefeated? They “play” the Alouettes again in a battle for air supremacy, this time in the ‘Peg. The Lions rush to Calgary to take on the Horsemen in a bid to see which team will get a head start in the race to become the top contender to challenge Winnipeg’s dominance. The Boatmen head to the QEW to take on the ‘Cats, where a DoubleBlue victory would give the Argos some space atop the East heading into Labor Day. And, if the Elks can pull off their best showing at home against somewhat underwhelming Riders, they can put themselves in a position to be a legitimate contender for a potential cross-over spot.

Let’s go to the choices.

Larks @ Blue Bombers

These proofreading games can produce some interesting results. Like the “series” in baseball, the “sweep” is rarely as certain as it may seem.

Brady Oliveira, Winnipeg Blue Bombers – CP. / PHOTO PAUL CHIASSON

The undefeated Bombers are obviously heavily favored. So, as we did with some success last week, let’s pair the prohibitive favorite (-540 and -11.5), on the money line, in a parlay.

This week, I’m going to put the Bombers to the money line with the most (46) in the Friday night game.

Argonauts @ Tiger-Cats

Is domestic cooling enough to reverse the tides of Lake Ontario towards Hamilton in the second installment of the eastern black ‘n blue series?

Matthew Shiltz, Hamilton Tiger-Cats – The Canadian Press

The Tabbies picked up a few narrow wins over Eastern Conference opponents at Tim Horton’s Field, but their fourth-quarter play wavered between shaky and atrocious. Regardless of the outcome, again, I’m sticking with the most (46) which pays -110. Let’s see if the QEW rivalry can produce 47+ points two weeks in a row. I think that it is possible.

Also, since we are playing a two-legged bet for Thursday and Friday matches, the stakes will be equal to a standard bet for two matches.

Lions @ Stampeders

There’s not much to separate this pair, not only second and third in the West Division standings, but also in nearly every CFL power ranking.

Lucky Whitehead, BC Lions – Via BC Lions

This is the kind of game handicappers hate. Even the plus/minus is suspect. Will high power offenses turn the scoreboard into a turnstile? Or will it be a tilt showcasing the running game where Stampeder’s stingy, peddling defense will have him playing wide between the 30-yard lines?

Perhaps relying on the result on which the kicker can convert field goal attempts?

With Calgary at home and an underdog (+1), I’m going to take them on the money line (+105) to get a little extra on payday, if they can win that.

Roughriders @ Elks

Edmonton started the season poorly again, but with flashes of solid play and at least as many wins as any team in the East except Toronto. The Riders have been disappointing, inconsistent, unruly and hurt. Three of their losses are due to the Eastern squads.

Kai Locksley, Edmonton Elks – Via Edmonton Elks

One question for this game is whether Chris Jones is more interested in continuing to build and test for the future, or has seen what he needs and is ready to do what many would now consider an unlikely push towards Gray Cup (the Elks were +5000 to reach the big play in this week’s futures markets).

Both teams have considerably talented pieces on offense. The Riders defense can also be a threat. But with Edmonton +5 at home (-115), ATS, I’m not just going to take the Elks and the points. I go to a branch and do this one Game of the week.

This week’s picks are based on DK sportsbook’s Tuesday rows and I sometimes make plays other than in that column. Also, while we’ve had a great season so far, past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Enjoy your late summer football!

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