Dog bites home-made bomb, killed by explosion in Vellore, Tamil Nadu


In a tragic incident, a dog died after biting a homemade bomb preserved to protect crops from wildlife.

The incident took place on Friday in the village of Apoondi, near Virinjipuram, in the district of Vellore, in Tamil Nadu.

Residents of the village heard a loud explosion on Friday evening, after which they rushed to the scene. The villagers were shocked to discover a dog lying in a pool of blood with a torn mouth.

Villagers quickly called the cops, who arrived at the scene and transported the dog’s carcass to the government veterinary hospital for an autopsy.

Meanwhile, authorities are also investigating who was responsible for keeping illicit country bombs on their territory.

Farmers in many parts of the country are using local bombs to scare off wild animals and protect their crops from damage.

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