Dominion responds to a major criticism of the franchise


Responding to the critics of the franchise, Jurassic World: Dominion presents itself as the spiritual successor to the first Jurassic Park.

Dinosaur fans, whether casual or fanatical, are talking about the new trailer for Jurassic World: Dominion. The new movie promises to have many intriguing happenings, from old favorites returning to new dinosaurs. But some parts of the trailer are far more intriguing than others, especially considering the show’s long-running reviews.

jurassic park was the most accurate dinosaur film of its time, bringing then-current scientific knowledge to the public domain and encouraging a whole generation of paleontologists to pursue careers. But time passes and the dinosaurs of the first movies are no longer accurate – hence why what Domination watch is so promising.

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Jurassic World: Dominion

the jurassic park The franchise has always walked a fine line between franchise integrity and scientific accuracy. While the first film – and the rest of the original trilogy – worked to maintain scientific accuracy, the main problem was that scientific understanding and perceptions of dinosaurs were constantly changing, to the point that a single dinosaur, such as Spinosaurus, can undergo several redesigns in the span of a decade. Therefore, the original jurassic park The trilogy is now a snapshot of how science described dinosaurs in the 90s rather than a modern depiction.

With that in mind, reviews of the original jurassic park are actually quite useless. There’s no point in going back and mounting the dinosaurs to reflect modern perceptions – it’s a waste of time and energy to take the original films as anything more than a snapshot of what people used think dinosaurs looked like. But then the problem arises with how the sequels portray the dinosaurs – a matter of franchise integrity and scientific accuracy. In order to portray the dinosaurs as scientifically accurate, the depiction would have to change from that of the original film, but then there is no explanation for How? ‘Or’ What they have changed so much in such a short time. Barring drastic mutations without scientific backing, the dinosaurs had to stay as they were in the 90s to maintain the integrity of the franchise.

It’s here that jurassic world hitting stumbling blocks. Some dinosaurs, like Rexy, keeping their original depictions makes sense because they are the original dinosaurs. But others, like raptors, retained their scaly appearance even though there was scientific evidence at the time that they had feathers. Dr. Wu tries to convey this criticism by pointing out that they don’t make “real” dinosaurs, just people’s perception of them. And yet, knowledge of feathered dinosaurs had saturated the paleontological field and was beginning to seep into public knowledge.

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feathered raptor in jurassic world domination

This is why the feathered dinosaurs of Domination are so important. the Jurassic The franchise has been criticized for years for persistently inaccurate portrayal, finally giving audiences the modern-day dinosaurs they’ve been asking for. Furthermore, Domination once again returns to its roots by bringing the modern perception of dinosaurs to the public eye. Dinosaurs have long been classified as reptiles – the name itself means “terrible lizard”. And yet, the more the knowledge is revealed, the less this nomenclature is precise. Dinosaurs walked upright on straight legs as opposed to the wide-legged gait of reptiles. They have feathers – maybe even fur or quills. Even in the 90s, dinosaurs were more closely compared to birds than to lizards. In the first film, Dr. Grant draws many parallels between the Velociraptor skeleton the team found to a bird, from how the sneer of death is the same to the hollow bones to the fact that “the word raptor means bird of prey.”

And so, Domination challenges the enduring notion that dinosaurs are cold-blooded by depicting them in cold, snowy climates – the kind of thing that stops reptiles and knocks them out of trees. The cold weather stunts the reptiles’ growth, and yet Blue appears with a raptor baby who is obviously several months old compared to the raptor baby from the franchise’s first film. Reptiles slow down and go into hibernation when it’s cold, and yet several different species of dinosaurs are shown not just moving but moving at high speeds, along with raptors and Parasaurolophus running in snowy environments. Fur and feathers help regulate temperature and are things no modern reptile has – yet several dinosaurs and a pterosaur have these protective coverings.

In such cases, Domination goes back to the roots the original jurassic park plant. By portraying the dinosaurs as accurately as current scientific perception can provide, they bring that perception to the public, just like the first movie did. Dinosaurs with feathers have been repeatedly confirmed. Some dinosaurs would have lived in frozen climates. Many fossils have been discovered in Antarctica, to the point that Cryolophosaurus was nominated for this distinction, being a “cold crested lizard”. jurassic park updated the public perception of dinosaurs from mindless, cold-blooded, belly-dragging lizards to upright, intelligent, fearsome, active creatures, and Domination is set to update public perception once again, perhaps making a true successor to the legacy of the first movie.

To see the updated versions of the dinosaurs for yourself, Jurassic World: Dominion roars into theaters on June 10.

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