Farming Simulator 22 Has Released Animal & Wildlife Trailer



Farming Simulator 22 will get two new features, Greenhouse and Beekeeping, which will be included in the full game when it releases November 22 on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and Stadia. More features will allow players to grow more than the usual crop selection and add more to the game, such as the ability to produce and sell honey. The bees are on their way and there will probably be a function for the honey houses that will later integrate into this new production chain.

Credit @ GIANTS Software

Greenhouses and beekeeping introduce new cultivation methods for raw materials such as strawberries, lettuce and honey. How it works can be seen in the new trailer, which highlights farm animals and new wildlife swirling through fields and forests. Combined with these new production chains, farmers can expand their farms with more opportunities to produce much more than usual crops.

The first official gameplay trailer features the all-new French-inspired Beyleron Skin map with stone selection features. The Animal & Wildlife trailer gives us a glimpse of the improved models of farm animals and wildlife roaming the surrounding fields and forests. The new trailer shows a lot of beautiful sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, horses, deer, and even a loyal dog to keep the farmer company. At its best, the new trailer offers a glimpse of revised models of farm animals as well as representatives of wildlife roaming the fields and forests.

The game features John Deere machines, Komatsu Rau Wilson trailers, and more for the first time. Key new features include a revised graphics engine and the addition of horse breeding, oatmeal, and cotton plants. The game also contains an updated version of Alder Grat Map, which was part of the Alpine Farming DLC ​​for FS19.

Farming is sweet and tasty: Giant Software introduced new beekeeping features in the latest version of the game, such as honey production, greenhouses where juicy strawberries, salads and healthy tomatoes grow. In FS 19, players could feed and raise cows, pigs, sheep, and horses, but now wild animals will populate the maps in Farming Simulator 22, players can find deer running around in the woods, and more. Giant Software also introduced a new beekeeping feature that produces honey and a greenhouse that grows juicy strawberries, healthy lettuce, and tomatoes for improved and more realistic simulation.

New features and improvements in Farming Simulator 22 allow future farmers to build their farms regardless of the age of their profession. When they introduced seasonal cycles in The Farm Simulator 22, a virtual year was supposed to consist of twelve days. The Giants have confirmed that the new season mechanic will adapt the game to run for 28 days per month. Players can expect improved and more realistic simulations with over 400 machine tools and over 100 genuine agricultural brands, including new categories. Players will be able to raise and raise livestock, grow grain, and sell assets created on the farm.

Farming Simulator 22 Animals and Wildlife

Credit @ GIANTS Software

Thanks to the rich world, gamers are drawn to virtual farming. Thanks to the production line, you have more functions for tasks such as animal husbandry and the use of various machine tools. Play as a modern farmer and outfit your own farm at one of three locations in the US or Europe. Profitable winter farming is guaranteed with the release on November 22 for PC, Mac, PS5 (TM), Xbox Series X / S, PlayStation R / 4, Xbox One and Stadia.

Giant Software has put a lot of effort into the graphics and performance of the new game. The importance of graphics development can be seen in the first screenshots and trailers released for the game. Giant does not reveal how it got there. Technically improved the animal models, but seeing them in action in the new trailer gives enough context.



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