Fermanagh artist Claire is ready for fresh and inspiring artistic energies


Fermanagh’s multi-talented designer Claire Falconer has been going through a lot of changes lately.

After many years of living and working in rural Donegal countryside near the Fermanagh border, Claire learned at the end of June that she would be forced to move her home and studio elsewhere.

A huge change, but one that she embraced by letting the universe guide her in this unexpected new adventure.

“There have been a lot of changes around me and within me recently. I was afraid of change. Now I feel it as a process of letting go, to the unknown, to the flow,” she said to The Impartial Reporter, adding, “They say your gut is a second brain, your heart certainly another. Getting out of the mind is key.”

Claire Falconer, artist.

Prior to her move, Claire had spent the month of June creating work in her studio for her Solstice painting project, which she described as “an exercise in giving in to what can happen and creating a painting per day inspired by the light at this peak of the year”.

This is her second year working on the self-directed project.

Claire Falconer, artist.

Claire Falconer, artist.

“Last year I painted 21 paintings in 21 days – my 21 Sun Salute – as it decided to be called, ending on June 21,” Claire explained, noting that the project was “exhausting, exhilarating and so full of challenges and learnings”.


“[It was] an evolution in my practice with an intention to release control and perfectionism. I shared the process of each painting online every night and discovered that a whole new world of art love relationships opened up,” she said, commenting that she never hadn’t realized how lonely his practice had become.

Claire Falconer, artist.

Claire Falconer, artist.

“[that’s] always a danger with painting, and one that is both good and very stimulating for me.

In June this year, Claire completed 17 of the 21 paintings planned, putting the rest of the project on hold after finding out she had three weeks to move her house and studio.

Claire Falconer, artist.

Claire Falconer, artist.

“I had a lot to do so I reluctantly put down the brushes to fully focus on the movement,” she explained, noting that she will be finishing the last four photos of her 21 Sun Salute as it goes. as you go, “prioritizing calm, healthy, nourished, energized and sane until then”.

Describing her paintings as “like journal entries”, each so personal, each reminiscent of so much time, sense of place, energy and emotion, Claire commented that the pieces she created in the weeks that preceded her move were a way of her. say a “nostalgic farewell to a wonderful studio”.

“[It was] a decision that is beyond me, but I knew I was being guided forward, outward,” she said.

Now, weeks after her first move, Claire has found a new home and a new workspace.

“I’m amazed. It’s a continuous unfolding of that greatest dream,” she said, adding, “The new nest is in the middle of Donegal and in a historic home that has been inhabited by many, many souls. creative.


“This is the second time I’ve lived in a place with this story. The first was the Trianon in Los Angeles, inhabited over the years by writers, musicians, painters, producers and dancers. Their energy remains, it infuses itself into the walls.

Claire Falconer, artist.

Claire Falconer, artist.

“I am very lucky to have this opportunity and look forward to sharing lots of new magic in paintings, writings and in my videos.”

Amid the excitement of moving into a new home and studio, Claire is currently working on two art commissions and has many new ventures on the cards for the rest of 2022.

One of them is a potential new theatrical collaboration with her good friend, Maura Logue, storyteller and playwright, of Dark Daughter Productions.

Claire has also been focusing on her poetry lately and is involved in a unique spoken word and music collaboration. She explained: “I have a good friend and collaborator in the form of dance DJ Rob Hough, SoulSync. When I first met Rob, it seemed like the most unlikely couple. I would never have imagined my poetry being set to electronic dance music!

“We have a gig at the Turquoise Cafe, Roundwood, County Wicklow on August 20, followed – and I’m very excited – by an hour and a half at the Electric Picnic festival on September 2, where I’ll be performing two of my spoken word pieces , “The Call is One” and “Magnetic Impulse” on the energetic rhythms of Rob.

“We will be releasing a ‘The Call is One’ single prior to these events.”

Although she’s been through a lot of changes, Claire says she’s “so grateful” to have been able to take on this challenge “knowing deep down that everything is going exactly as it should – or like Terence McKenna, a great thinker l once said, “Worry is nonsense. We don’t know enough to worry about,” concluding with an excerpt from his poem, “The Call is One.”

We rest our wings in dreams

Prepare to fly away

Lighter than ever

That we can see this world from afar

And see our place among the endless stars


In perfect harmony

Holding space

For this new dawn

To awaken fledgling wings for flight

Claire’s work is available through her new website Where instagram, Facebook and Youtube.


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