Football: what we learned from Tim Albin’s seventh weekly press conference


Ohio has just suffered a close loss to Mid-American Conference opponent central Michigan.

The Bobcats had played even for the Chippewas for much of the game on Saturday, but they failed to respond to a late touchdown from Kalil Pimpleton and lost 30-27. With the loss, the Bobcats fell to 1-5 overall and 1-1 in their conference schedule.

After a clash at Peden Stadium after three straight road games, Ohio will travel again in Week 7, this time to face MAC East opponent Buffalo (2-4, 0-2 MAC) .

The Bulls have yet to beat a conference opponent this season, but have proven capable of holding up, as when they lost to No. 16 Coastal Carolina by just three points.

Ohio coach Tim Albin spoke to the media Monday to discuss Ohio’s loss to central Michigan, his upcoming game against Buffalo and how he can adjust to the future. Here is what The post office Learned from Albin’s seventh weekly press conference:

Similar looks on defense

Albin pointed out the similarities between the Buffalo and Mid-Michigan defense in terms of players on the defensive line and the teams’ nickel packages.

“There will be a lot of similarities for our guys up front,” Albin said. “There is going to be a good postponement in the Buffalo game. ”

The Bulls have defensive talents such as linebacker James Patterson, defensive end Taylor Riggins and defensive tackle George Wolo. Much like the game plan against the Chippewas, Albin knows that the Bobcats offense can’t be one-dimensional and too reliant on the racing game. The Bobcats need to keep the Bulls’ defense unbalanced with efficient passing.

Recoil depth

One thing Ohio and Buffalo have in common is depth in the running back room.

Four running backs have carried the Bobcats this season. De’Montre Tuggle and O’Shaan Allison have received the majority of snaps so far, but Jake Neatherton and Sieh Bangura have both received plenty of time against the Chippewas.

Bangura arguably played Ohio’s biggest game against mid-Michigan when he ran for a 40-yard touchdown in his first career run.

Buffalo itself has a deep pool of rushers. Kevin Marks, Dylan McDuffie and Ron Cook all have over 300 rushing yards this season, and Marks and McDuffie have both recorded five touchdowns apiece. Albin recognized the Bulls ‘racing style of play and compared it to the Bobcats’ heavy offense.

“I compare their style and identity like I do ours,” Albin said.

Man vssurplus and secondary

Albin said Ohio played more men against Central Michigan than against Akron the week before. Even though Ohio progressed by containing running back Lew Nichols in the second half, not all games went well. Central Michigan had some big receptions in the final two quarters that paved the way for Ohio’s fifth loss of the season. Albin wants cornerbacks to have a “short memory” and move on to the next play.

“We’re going to play aggressive there,” Albin said. “We’re going to play the cover of the man. We will have pass interference from time to time. You can’t have four like we did against Duquesne.

Tariq Drake was one of Ohio’s biggest contributors to high school Saturday. Safety has knocked out Michigan center quarterback Daniel Richardson twice, thanks to his speed and reach. His ball peddling came in handy as the secondary ran out of contributors like fellow safety Michael Ballentine, who came out in the third quarter with an injury.

Hot hand at quarterback

Saturday was the first time in all season that Ohio had an under center quarterback for a full game. Armani Rogers, on his first departure for Ohio, continued with a full-time calling role after playing the entire second half against Akron.

Albin said Rogers got the start because of the production he brings in attack, but also said fellow quarterback Kurtis Rourke will also receive reps in training. Albin believes using the two quarters gives Ohio their best chance of winning.

“It’s kind of like what we did with the running back,” said Albin. “You know, who gets hot: De’Montre has been hot before, O’Shaan has been hot before, AJ Ouellette has been hot before. ”


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