Former soldier jailed again for having a blade in Plymouth


A former soldier has been sent back to prison after being caught with a razor blade in the street – her tenth such offense in just over a year.

Troubled Jessica Meehan, 25, called police to tell them she had the blade in the city center just three days after being released from her previous sentence.

She was previously discharged from the military after being repeatedly found with knives or blades in public spaces in Plymouth.

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A judge said it was a tragic case because she had the blades to hurt herself and never threatened anyone else.

But recorder Tim Kenefick added, “I have come to the conclusion that jail is the safest place for you.”

The judge said the defendant refused to hand the razor blade over to the police for her to be arrested.

Former British Army soldier Jessica Meehan was locked up after being caught in the street with a razor blade

He imprisoned her for eight months.

Homeless Meehan pleaded guilty to possession of a razor blade in Elliott Road, Prince Rock, on August 16. She also admitted to having a small amount of cannabis.

Meehan was jailed for 19 months in January for reckless driving and repeated knife-carrying offenses.

She went through red lights in a Ford Fiesta and nearly collided with other cars in June of last year.

Tom Falconer, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said Meehan called the police around 1:20 p.m. near the sundial in the city center.

He added that she admitted to having a razor blade and told the operator where she worked.

Mr Falconer said two police officers arrived within minutes and searched Meehan – but found only a small amount of cannabis in a Kinder egg.

The lawyer said officers took no action regarding the drug and dropped it off at a relative’s home in Elliott Road.

Mr Falconer said Meehan then removed the blade from his jeans and refused to put it back on.

He added: “She had to be taken to the ground to retrieve the blade.”

The court heard that she had already committed nine offenses of possession of a blade or knife in public.

Katie Churcher, for Meehan, said a judge ordered a psychiatric report but her client refused to see a psychiatrist in prison.

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She added that the defendant had a history of self-harm and had been assessed as having “unresolved trauma” and a personality disorder.

Miss Churcher said Meehan previously fell between military medical care and community psychiatric care as she went through the discharge process.

She added that the defendant hoped to work with mental health services upon her release.

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