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Hunting foxes and wild animals has been banned in England and Wales since 2004, but in 2019 former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt backed the reversal of the ban, saying the practice was a part important part of the “heritage” of the countryside. He told The Telegraph in 2019 ahead of his previous Tory leadership bid: ‘I would vote to repeal the fox hunting ban.

“I would as soon as there is a majority in Parliament that is likely to repeal the ban on fox hunting, then I would support a vote in Parliament.

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“It’s part of the campaign, and we have to recognize that in terms of campaign balance. You know, it’s part of our heritage.

At the time, campaign group League Against Cruel Sports said Mr Hunt was ‘out of touch with public opinion’ by proposing a vote to overturn legislation introduced by Tony Blair’s Labor government.

Mr Hunt’s team insists that overturning the ban on fox hunting is not part of his 2022 leadership bid.

Mr Hunt was knocked out of the Tory leadership race to find Mr Johnson’s successor on Wednesday July 13, after failing to pass the voting threshold on the first ballot.

In a poll which ran from 10am Monday 12 July to 11am Thursday 14 July, asked: ‘Do you support Jeremy Hunt as Prime Minister as he previously supported the hunt for fox?”

A total of 4,081 readers responded, with the vast majority, 84% (3,439 people) responding ‘no’, they do not support Jeremy Hunt as he previously supported foxhunting.

Another 15% (607 people) said “yes” and only 1% (35 people) said they didn’t know anything.


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Hundreds of readers have shared their thoughts on fox hunting in the comments section below the accompanying article.

Most readers were against the traditional practice of fox hunting as a sport.

Username DRX said, “Fox hunting has no place in the countryside or even anywhere else.”

Username Itsmeoncemore said, “No, fox hunting should remain banned, it’s barbaric.”

And Milton Keynes username mum said: ‘No more killing wild animals for fun, why do humans want to do this. Let nature take care of itself. Live and let live.”

Others commented that foxhunting was unacceptable with username KatMoi writing, “How can anyone who thinks it’s okay for a living creature to be horribly torn apart by a pack of hounds be classed as a decent moral person?”

Username juicyj said: “Mawing foxes or any other animal is absolutely appalling behavior. How can they justify and derive joy from it?

“I have foxes in my garden that come in the evening for the food I give them. I could cry for these souls. They are amazing animals.

Meanwhile, username llamudos said, “I can’t stand Hunt. However, fox hunting has its place in the countryside.

And some readers favored hunting to control wildlife populations.

Username Pished.Artist said: “Slaughter yes when their numbers get too high, same for badgers, rabbits and deer.”


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