Fremont DB Kalen Woods has an escape game

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If there was one escape game that Kalen Woods of Fremont, Calif., Needed to kick off any last-minute recruiting push, it’s like a ball peddler.

Woods not only ripped an interception from the Bay Area skies on Friday, Oct. 29 against Oakland High, he accomplished several takeaways.

Final scoring: Four interceptions, two returns for touchdowns, a 42-0 shellacking from Oakland and…

“I just trust the process while I wait for this first offer,” Woods told

The moment Woods got his hands on his top pick, he initially thought the opposing quarterback would be looking the other way the rest of the night. But it was not.

“When I got my first one, I was like ‘Yeah, this is my game,’ and I took my savagery all the way,” Woods said. “And I couldn’t believe I had done this, but I did.”

And his four take-out nights came with Fremont playing just two types of covers.

“Some picks were in Cover 2 and then some were in Cover 1,” Woods said.

Still, Woods couldn’t believe the ball kept coming towards him.

“Yeah, the quarterback tested me all night,” Woods said. “But I guess he didn’t understand that when the ball is in the air, it’s mine.”

With the quartet of choice, it is seven interceptions in eight games for the Tigers. Now he’s hoping to claim something else: a four-year college opportunity.

What about a school he says he’s in contact with? Fresno State.

“I just contacted them a few days ago as we speak and look forward to bonding with the coaching staff,” said Woods, adding that Chuck Morrell is the FS coach who is on the contacted.

Fremont and Woods have two more games to play in the regular season with an away game at Oakland Tech and then at Castlemont High in the season finale.

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