Golf League Results: September 22, 2021


Monday, September 13

Game of the day: Throw the five!

First place: Judy Hein, Cheryl Tiggelaar, Barbara Heck

Second place: Ann Schrupp, Cathi Nelson, Bonnie Coffey

Third place: Carol Lovro, Sandra Melberg, Renee Aden

Individual low net: Cheri Tiggelaar

Low Gross: Cheri Tiggelaar

Birdies: Cincy Vanhorn, Sunrise # 8; Cathi Nelson, Sunrise # 5 and Sunset # 5; Cheri Tiggelaar, Sunset n ° 2

Whitefish Men’s League

Tuesday September 14

Game of the day: team quota of 4 people

First place: Don Faust, Joe Wagner, Mike Einan, Larry Swanson

Second place: David Kuplic, Jim Bydlon, Bill Johander, Mike Rancor

Third place: Roger Jenson, Tom Boyce, Al Falconer, Larry Raisbeck

Closest to the hairpin: Roger Jenson, hole n ° 12; Joe Wagner, Hole n ° 4

Longest putt: Jim McKeehen, hole # 8; Bruce Rickert, hole 15

Whitefish Leagues

18 hole league

Wednesday September 15th

Game of the day: CHA CHA CHA CHA

First place: Nancy McEnroe, Kathy Coombs, Sandy Meyer

Second place: Sue Seher, Paula Gulliford, Nancy Schmidt

Third place: Myra Faust, Luann Rickert, Lisa Cline

Birdies: Kathy Coombs, Sue Seher

Participations: Nancy Einan, Myra Faust, Kathy Coombs

Low net: Debbie Enger

9 hole league

Wednesday September 15th

Game of the day: Cha-Cha-Cha

First Place: Kay Olson, Rhonda Swanson, Leisha Tietz, Beth Theis

Second place: Marilyn Mckeehan, Michele Eisele, Irene Heath, Marilyn Koehler

Third place: Julie Achterkirch, Pat Montgomery, Sue Beilfuss, Sally Baumgartner

Participations: Brenda Hein (2), Sharon Jacobsen, Cathie Leiendecker-Foster, Leisha Teitz, Dar Bonnema

Low putts: Sue Moore

Green Leagues Emily

Tuesday morning men’s league

First place: Tom Rollinson, Don Rodi, Ed Sorgatz, John Benson

Second place: Rick Blackmon, Roger Hanson, Kola Slavin, Jim Brown

Third place: Gary Nelson, Al Schewe, Mike Brown, Rick Jacobson

Tuesday Morning Return 9 League

First place: Purgettl, Jerry Hagel, Craig Larson, Mike Oelrich

Second place: Balthazor, Len Deshayes, Don Rodi, Tom Rollinson

Third Place: Rick Jacobson, Ed Sorgatz, Bill Waddell, Jim Wick

Tuesday night men’s league / Wednesday morning men’s league

End of season results:

First place: Scott Myegeto, Doug Harren

Second place: Taylor Cartsens, Jake Appel

Third place: Brady Roy, Vic Machen

Fourth place: Chris Olander, Terry Kinkaid

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