Hammonton boys soccer hold firm for 3-1 win over Millville (PHOTOS)


In what Hammonton coach Steve Adirzone called one of his team’s biggest games of the season, the Blue Devils scored two second-half goals to beat the Millville Thunderbolts away 3-1. Tuesday evening.

The goals helped starve a second-half rally at Millville as Hammonton (6-1) avenged his only loss of the season. The Thunderbolts defeated the Blue Devils 3-2 in the season opener in Hammonton. Millville falls to 5-3.

“We’re playing well, but the season is far from over,” said Tyler Lowe, whose big goal with 10 minutes left gave the Blue Devils a necessary two-goal lead. “If we continue to work hard and take care of our business, I think we have a good chance of winning our division. “

The Blue Devils managed to turn the tide against the Thunderbolts with an aggressive offensive performance that consistently put Hammonton’s offensive stars around Millville’s goal and a hawking defense that repeatedly disrupted the Bolts’ offensive plans.

“Our home loss to them was a well-contested game as this was a well-contested game,” said Adirzone. “We couldn’t wait to come here and see if we could beat them and we could.

“We knew they would have a big push in the second half and they did. We were lucky enough to hold it back. We were able to continue working as we trained, which allowed us to score this second goal, ”he continued.

The Bolts, led 1-0 at the start of the second half, forced play on the Blue Devils’ side early on, but were unable to strike in the level of play. Then Marco Schiano was able to score a goal at 27:56 to play, taking Hammonton to a 2-0 lead.

“I read the second bullet, found it, turned around and shot near a post,” said Schiano. “The keeper didn’t think I was going in that direction, so it worked. It was a very important goal because at 1-0 anything can happen.

Millville coach Christian Varga said his side appeared to be frustrated for most of the game and felt the Bolts let the Blue Devils dictate play and how aggressive the game was.

“I don’t think we played badly today, but we let them get into our heads,” said Varga. “We reacted a lot to the things they were doing and we have to grow up a bit. Winning or losing, whatever happens there, that’s not how I like to see it happen.

Millville reduced Hammonton’s lead to 2-1 with 16:32 left the Jacob Lewis penalty kick after a hand ball. The goal gave the Bolts one more chance to rally before Lowe’s hit six minutes later.

Adirzone said he was happy with his rematch and strong start, but it was too early to start celebrating his season.

“Honestly, it always feels like we’re at the start of the season,” said Adirzone. “There are a lot of things to keep working on in practice. Were happy. We are in a great place. We have to keep watching the next game in front of us and as long as we do our best we think we have a great chance of winning every time we step onto the pitch. “


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