Hoots mon – the owl who walks like a dog in town



Pals are really booed – thanks to an owl that behaves more like a dog.

Sam the barn owl regularly accompanies his master to the cafes of Paisley.

And the handsome five-year-old has had over 550 likes on Facebook since arriving in the city just three weeks ago.

Dog handler Mark Dickey revealed he has a lot of admirers and said: “My son is taking his dog for coffee and now I have my owl.

What does the bird have today?

“People are amazed and happy to be able to stroke it without getting stung. “

Sam was born in captivity and therefore knows nothing about the nocturnal behavior of his wild buddies.

The father of two, Mark, who lives near the abbey, traveled to Durham to pick up his new boyfriend.

He rushed over to Sam, who was owned by a professional falconer, after having had a barn owl called Shadow six years ago when he was living in Dundee.

The 56-year-old nurse said, “I’ve been craving another owl for a while, but they’re definitely not for everyone.

Frothy coffee - the pair enjoy Brew in Paisley
Frothy coffee – the pair enjoy Brew in Paisley

“You have to know how to handle and care for them and get to know the likes and dislikes of individual birds.

“And they poop at will. I have made a habit of always taking baby wipes with me when I am on the go.

Sam has become a bit of an attraction as he is walked – while perched on Mark’s special glove – to County Square’s Brew Cafe.

The magnificent bird is about a foot tall with a wingspan of three feet and is likely to live up to about 20 years in captivity.

Barn owls do not hoot, but give a rather strange shrill cry.

Mark said, “He tends to scream when he’s hungry.

I wonder if there are any delicious church mice at Paisley Abbey?
I wonder if there are any delicious church mice at Paisley Abbey?

“In the height of Harry Potter, there was so much hype about owls, and people wanted them as pets.

“But a lot of people don’t do their research and homework.

“Sam needs a lot of care and I would say he’s not my pet, but my mate.

“The species as a whole is loyal and loving.”

Sam sources from an online supplier specializing in frozen mice and day-old chicks.

Mark added, “Sam loves being at Paisley and being a new boyfriend.

“Most people would never see an owl up close in the flesh.

“And when they see him sitting next to me outside at Brew, it gets a great reaction.”

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