How did the ancient Egyptians depict wild animals?


Animals played an important role in the civilization of ancient Egypt – social media

CAIRO – August 4, 2022: Man has always had a special relationship with the animal kingdom. The wild animals we see today have been around for thousands of years and have played an important role in some of the most famous ancient civilizations.

“The ancient Egyptians viewed wild animals as great natural forces, many of which had to do with the gods,” says Salima Ikram, a professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo.

“They were considered intermediaries between humans and gods, but they also represented the forces of chaos that must be tamed and controlled for order and for the universe to continue”, explains Salima Ikram, according to the American magazine Discover.

In the early ages of Egyptian civilization, around 4000 BC. AD, many wild animals that later migrated to central and southern Africa thrived in and around Egypt. While this ancient society hunted and captured animals, they also believed that conservation was important. They did not hunt animals as much as we do today because many animals had important roles in society.

The Egyptians viewed lions, for example, as images of the sun god Ra, as well as symbols of royalty. They also believed that the male hippopotamus was a “troubled” creature that represented the Egyptian god of war, Seth. The female hippopotamus represented the goddess Tawaret, who protected mothers and children.

According to Salima Ikram, giraffes did not appear often in Egyptian mythology, but they were considered “foresight” animals because their long necks could see into the future.


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