How to befriend birds and wild rabbits


Most recent Sims 4 The expansion gives players an opportunity they have wanted for a long time. Players finally have the opportunity to live in the heart of the countryside, create their own farm and take care of their animals beyond cats and dogs.

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Villa Keeps its promises: a whole new way of life filled with animals such as cows, chickens and even llamas. On top of that, Sims can also bring wild birds and rabbits to their home. It will take a lot of work and a few smart steps for everyone. The sims 4 players, but it is possible to befriend wild birds and rabbits and welcome them to a Sim Home. Here’s how to do it.

Practice singing

The Sims 4 Sing

An interesting way to befriend birds is to sing along with them. No one becomes an accomplished singer overnight, however. If the birds don’t like the Sim’s song, they can express this feeling by pooping on them.

So, before the Sim decides to try befriending the birds with their soft tones, they should spend some time improving this skill. They can do it at home just by singing in the shower, they can go to a karaoke club and perform on stage, or they can buy the karaoke machine or microphone stand so they can practice in their home.

Find out what animals like

The Sims 4 Rabbit

Every animal is different, just like the Sims. One way to befriend wild animals is to bring them gifts. However, it is important to be careful, because every bird and every rabbit likes different things. What works for one animal won’t necessarily work for another.

The best way to learn about each animal’s preferences is to try on a few gifts (like flowers, wool, or products) and see which gift the animal appreciates. Their favorite gift will be marked with a heart, so it’s impossible to miss it. Once players know the animal’s preferences, they can simply bring this gift over and over again.

Start small

Sims 4 birds

The advantage of making friends with birds is that they live in flocks. If a Sim manages to befriend a bird, they can bring the entire flock to their land.

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This will save them a lot of time as they can focus on building their friendship with a single bird and find out what the bird likes. Yet for the effort of befriending a single bird, they’ll get a whole bunch of avian friends.

Don’t rush things

Sims 4 bunnies

Giving gifts and singing is great, but a Sim has to start somewhere. After all, wild animals are easy to scare off at first. A suitable first step is to simply find the animals and then use the watch interaction. This way the animals will slowly but surely get used to the Sim’s presence and they will begin to build their friendship with the Sim.

Once the initial positive relationship exists, the Sim can level up and try to interact with the animals. This is where singing and gifts can come in.

Pick the right time

Sims 4 Haunted House it's raining on a scary night

Just like the Sims, animals also have a certain schedule, a rhythm of life. With that in mind, befriending them is also finding the right time to visit and try. If the Sim wants to befriend wild rabbits or birds, he shouldn’t visit them at night; instead, it’s best to find them in the middle of the day. If the Sim bothers them at night while the pets are trying to sleep, they won’t be happy and it will make it harder to build any positive relationship with them.

Another important factor to take into consideration is the weather. If the weather is bad, or if it rains heavily, for example, it is better to stay at home and come and see the animals once the good weather has returned.

Choose the right character traits


If the player creates a new Sim that they know will live the chalet lifestyle, they can help things out by choosing the right traits. Some traits are better suited to this life than others.

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One trait that helps in befriending wild animals is the Animal Enthousiast trait. With it, it is possible to befriend the animals faster. Another trait that works well is the outgoing trait, as these Sims make friends faster than others, both with other Sims and with animals.

Buy houses for animals

The Sims 4 Rabbit House

The important step after bringing the animals to the field is to give them a place to live. To achieve this, Sims can buy houses for animals in Build mode.

Specifically, rabbits will need a small stump, and birds can live in a thinner, hollowed-out tree. This way the player will generally know where to find the animals when looking for them.

Do not be evil

The Sims 4 Angry Sim

It might seem obvious, but many players, especially those who are just getting started with the game or the Cottage Living expansion, might not realize it. It is important to be kind to animals. If the player acts badly, not only will they not befriend the Sim, they might even attack and kill animals.

If the Sim is in a bad mood, such as angry or sad, it is best to wait until their mood improves and only then try to befriend the animals. Having a happy or confident mood works wonders in this case.

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