Injured bald eagle found in middle of Michigan recovering | News


An injured bald eagle was rescued Friday in Tuscola County.

The bird of prey suffered an injury to the tip of its wing and was discovered by Peggy Pelkey ​​and her son-in-law in a field in Fairgrove.

Shepherd’s Wildlife Recovery Association rescued the injured eagle.

The association’s Barb Rogers said the eagle underwent successful surgery on his fractured wing and hopes he will recover.

Rogers said it was the exact type of injury resulting from a collision between an eagle and a high voltage transmission line.

Rogers is currently trying to prevent what she says are power lines from being placed through the WRA Sanctuary wetland.

The WRA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that promotes the protection of wild raptors such as hawks, owls, eagles and falcons. The organization was incorporated in 1979.

Rogers says International Transmission Company (ITC) proposed the high voltage across the wetland which she says is in direct line with the daily flight path of the sanctuary’s resident bald eagles. She added that the wetland is also home to many species of waterfowl and species of herons and cranes.

Rogers hopes to raise $100,000 through a GOFUNDME page to pay legal fees in what she says is an effort to save the wetland.

You can read more about ITC’s projects:


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