Is a family of foxes trapped under a house in Livermore?


DEAR JEANNE: In recent weeks our East Bay Times has disappeared or been moved, along with other articles. My neighbors and I saw paw prints on our hardscape that look like foxes. A neighbor of mine saw at least five or six foxes at one time and soon after, a cub in their front yard.

Another saw four at a time, and someone else saw three when they came to eat plums on the ground in her yard, so it’s clear there is more than one fox in it. our neighborhood.

One of our neighbors recently returned from a few weeks out of town and discovered that a fox had nestled under their house. I told them there was more than one fox around, but someone who works for them said there was only one fox and he covered the opening under them. house with a screen.

If there were other foxes under their house when he set up the screen, they may have dead foxes under there in a few days. If they weren’t under there when he set up the screen, the foxes might just be moving under someone else’s house or bridge.

I called some agencies because I would like to see the foxes humanely abducted and released into a wilderness area. I saw them living in the open fields behind our houses, but maybe with the lack of water and food in the fields, they settle in the neighborhood.

I guess professional wildlife trappers would euthanize them. The people with the foxes under the house called Animal Control at the Livermore Police Department and were told there was nothing the police could do; they didn’t even refer them to other services.

If the wild animal is injured, I understand that they should contact the Lindsay Wildlife Experience in Walnut Creek, but that is not the case here. Please educate your readers on the humanitarian measures to be taken in situations like this and remind them to regularly check all screens around their home, garage and property to ensure that wild animals cannot enter.

Pat Wheeler, Livermore

DEAR PAT: I don’t know why the foxes would steal your journal, but maybe they wanted to see their names in my column.

When wildlife is causing problems, you should contact the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and if they can’t help you, find a certified trapper. Ask them what they will do with the animal once captured. Licensed trappers can obtain a state permit that will allow them to relocate most wildlife.

If foxes or other wildlife aren’t causing a problem, it’s best to leave them alone while taking precautions to prevent them from settling in a yard permanently. If they cannot easily find food, water and shelter, they will go to places where they can, hopefully away from people.

It is important to keep the entrances to and under our homes, patios, garages and other buildings sealed to prevent critters from entering. It is also important to make sure that no one is living there before closing new openings or repairing old ones. Don’t leave out animal feed and keep these bins tightly closed.

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