JILL MORTIMER: Scheduled debate will focus on minor repeat offenders

“In some cases, we need to take stronger action against those who continue to offend.”

I know Cllr Falconer has had a number of reports of repeat offenses by under 18s from concerned residents and this cannot continue.

The police, courts and local authorities rightly have a duty to protect those under 18 who commit criminal offenses – however, this must be weighed against the rights of Hartlepool residents to go about their business without be victims of repeated and often violent offences. .

I understand that the courts have limited powers to convict underage criminals, and of course no one wants to criminalize those under 18, but in some cases we need to take tougher action against those who continue to commit offences.

I therefore plan to hold a debate in Westminster Hall to discuss the powers the courts have to deal with juvenile repeat offenders, as well as the need to increase the number of secure placements for those who need it – offering a conducive environment for some of them young people.

Hartlepool’s independent small businesses are the lifeblood of our community – we’ve helped them survive Covid, but I know more needs to be done to support businesses through the turbulent days ahead caused by rising oil prices gas and electricity.

I visited The Copper Kettle to talk to Katie and her husband about their rising bills and what the government is doing to help lower commercial energy prices.

Liz Truss’ energy bill relief program lowers the price per unit of gas and electricity, but it does little to help small businesses.

That’s why I wrote to Chancellor Jeremy Hunt this week to fight for more targeted support for businesses like The Copper Kettle in light of rising energy bills – especially where the wholesale price has taken in charge doesn’t go far enough to help.

I would encourage other small and medium sized businesses who are struggling to get in touch with me.

I will pass on any information I receive from the government that may be useful – [email protected]


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