Joyce Falconer on explosive return to River City as Roisin McIntyre after 13-year hiatus



After taking a five month break for the summer, River town is finally about to return to our screens – but that’s not the only thing that’s about to return.

If you’re a fan of the Glasgow-based show, you may have seen a familiar face in the news when it announced its return after a 13-year absence from the hit soap opera BBC Scotland.

Yes – Roisin McIntyre is back!

The last time we saw Aberdeenshire actress Joyce Falconer in River City was in 2008 when she left Shieldinch. We still miss Joyce dearly and after the BBC’s announcement fans were clearly looking forward to welcoming her with open arms.

Known for her boisterous, outspoken and down-to-earth demeanor, Roisin quickly became one of the show’s most beloved residents when she arrived in fictional Glasgow 18 years ago in 2002.

A worker at Lazy Rays tanning store on Montego Street, some of her most memorable stories include her dramatic marriage and romance with Raymond and the explosion of shock that hurt Roisin – to name a few. .

But now, with her broad and unmistakable Aberdonian accent, she’s ready to stir the past for residents – some of whom won’t want to welcome her just yet.

Before returning to Dumbarton Studios, Martin McCardie, studio series producer for River City, revealed that Joyce received a round of applause by the cast and crew after announcing his return.

Describing that moment Joyce said Glasgow Live: “Oh, that was lovely – it’s nice to feel like you’re welcome. I actually underestimated how much of the cast I still know.

“I’ve done pantos and followed Stephen Purdon (Bob O’Hara) over the years because we were both picked the same week and actually two of the last to be picked.

“He’s the only original that’s left, so I’ve had quite a few scenes with him now and really enjoyed them.

“I also followed Sally Howitt who plays Scarlett O’Hara. We’ve had a few rammys so I’m sure the fans will love it and it’s always fun to play that.”

The episode, which premieres tomorrow (August 30), will see Rosin return home – but some people aren’t ready to see her again.

Joyce, who admits she has yet to watch the episode, said she would wait to watch it with the rest of the country and understandably can’t wait to see it.

The 52-year-old said she received the phone call that was “very unexpected” asking if she would be interested in returning after spending more than a decade away from the show.

After making a comeback during the pandemic, the cast of River City had to adhere to Covid guidelines – something that understandably discouraged Joyce but understood the need for it.

Roisin married Raymond in 2004.

She said: “It’s a shame, but it’s also exactly the same as when I was in the first episode 19 years ago. There are still a few familiar faces so it’s nice to see that. .

“Obviously it’s pretty limited in the way we shoot because it’s very bare when I remember it was full of extras and now we can’t have a lot of people on set.

“A lot of scenes tend to have two or three at most now but they (Covid Directives) seem to be easing now, hopefully. “

Speaking of Roisin and what should be an explosive comeback, she added, “As long as she stays true to herself, that’s all that matters.

“Audiences always seem to react very well to the character. I think as a soap opera actor you take what is thrown at you and you go with it.

“This is something I had really forgotten how difficult it really is because they have to find the merchandise instantly – not like in the theater when you have time to rehearse things.

“I mean, I was pretty blown away by actress Catherine Howden playing Maggie just some of the really heavy stuff she does. You have to be able to laugh and cry instantly on the spot, which I think that people really underestimate what a challenge he is. “

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Besides being one of the most beloved characters on the show, fans will know that part of the reason is that she says what she thinks – and it looks like Joyce missed that, too.

When asked if we would see that side of her again, the Torry Quine replied, “Alright. She might be slightly mellowed but she’s still very outspoken I would say, but her heart is in the right place.

“She is single now and comes back as an independent woman and I am not related to any of the families whereas before I had my sisters, then I was married then single, then I had my sugar daddy so I am single middle-aged woman. “

The famous Aberdonian added that she missed jokes and felt that she was “very lucky “in the sense that many writers enjoyed writing for Rosin.

Discussing when she received the screenplay, Joyce, who attended the Royal Scottish Academy of Drama and Music and trained at the Royal Conservatory of Scotland – both in Glasgow, said: ‘You are obviously as worried as you are. excited because it’s out of your But the writers know my character very well from before, so I was really happy.

“I also had a lot of different scenes with a few different people, which was fun having this variety – most of them are new actually.

“I had forgotten how exciting it was to take a script and wonder what I was doing in that episode, so it was fun.”

During her hiatus from the Shieldinch drama, the Aberdeenshire actress has been busy appearing in a variety of documentaries, woman and country tours as well as appearing in Scot Squad.

The actress also appeared on other Scottish and UK TV productions such as Taggart, Rab C Nesbitt and cardiac arrest.

During her 13-year departure from the soap opera, Joyce was primarily a stage actress before joining the cast of River City and says she is “very lucky” to have had “a lot of variety” in her life.

On top of all that (as if that wasn’t enough), Joyce also starred in pantomimes, mostly playing the villain at the Pavilion Theater in Glasgow and wrote a musical.

When the drama returns, the show is expected to mention the five-month hiatus and even feature a storyline with a character plagued by the virus.

The creators told fans to expect (more) drama in the new episodes, including the story of the stalker.

The show will once again revisit fan favorites including Bob O’Hara, Lenny Murdoch (Frank Gallagher), Caitlin McLean (Gayle Telfer Stevens), Alex Murdoch (Jordan Young) and Scarlett O’Hara – and of course, Joyce Falconer. .

It looks like fans are eager to welcome Joyce and Roisin to our screens tomorrow – and who can blame them? After all, she’s been there from the very beginning.

River City returns Monday August 30 on BBC Scotland.

You can attend Rosin’s return from 10 p.m. on Monday or Wednesday, September 1 at 7 p.m.

Otherwise, visit BBC iPlayer to catch up with the last episode.



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