Jungles teach you patience, says actress Sadaa


Chennai, Oct 7 (IANS): Actress Sadaa, who has become an avid wildlife photographer, says jungles can teach you patience and when the time comes, they can also test the same.

The actress recently took to her Instagram to share a video of her photos clicking Jugni, a young tigress.

She wrote, “When Jugni is in a ‘Peek-a-boo’ mood…I found out later that Jugni is the granddaughter of my beloved tigress Mataram!”

Taking a philosophical route, she later mentioned in her caption, “The jungles teach you patience and test it too. In the jungles, it’s the law and the will of the wild animals that we respect and respect with pleasure! “

She further noted, “Either they show up in all their glory or they make you wait for hours just to give a glimpse. One of those instances where Jugni decided to hide behind a rock only giving us ‘a glimpse of her!’

“It’s (it’s) the ONLY RIGHT WAY to see and experience wild animals, in their natural habitats! Not where baby tigers are snatched from their mothers and abused to entertain humans, where they are heavily sedated so humans can touch them and make pinwheels,” she added.

She then presented a sad reality about animals in captivity in Thailand: “I refer to all the celebrities/influencers who flock to Thailand Tiger Parks, trying to look brave while posing with sedated and exploited tigers. (sic)”.

She also noted, “The video was shot by hand, please excuse the shaking. I didn’t have the option of using a beanbag here!”


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