Jurassic World Dominion’s Best Easter Eggs


Dr. Grant and Dr. Malcolm have never really liked each other, due to their very different personalities, the way they pursue their chosen careers respectively, and their affection for a certain Dr. Satler. They still managed to put aside their differences and survive the events of “Jurassic Park”, but their rivalry is brought back to the forefront in “Dominion”. Despite his lucrative decision to partner with Biosyn as the resident chaotician, delivering scathing speeches about humanity’s place in the food chain and making a splash selling his new book, it turns out Malcolm still retains his soul when he helps his former pals break into Biosyn and find the incriminating evidence (involving…grasshoppers, for some reason?) they need.

But Malcolm’s true moment of redemption comes when the group is attacked by the fearsome Giganotosaurus, the largest carnivorous predator the world has ever seen walking on land. The flashy scientist has always had a heroic side, first trying to save the day when he picks up a flare to distract the T-Rex from its attack. It didn’t go over very well, given the whole “His vision is based on movement” thing (also an invention of the movies, not based on scientific fact!). Finally, however, Malcolm gets his moment of glory when he fires an impromptu flare in “Dominion” and successfully fires back at the Giganotosaurus, giving the others valuable time to get to safety. Old dog, same tricks, different result. Now it is mayhem, baby.


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