Kennoway fights for all three points


Kennoway welcomed Rosyth to Treaton Park in what promised to be an action-packed league-like derby.

It was a positive start for KSH as they created chances for Falconer and Hughes as they looked for the opening goal.

Rosyth was a threat, with Lumsden and Strang posing a danger to Kennoway’s defense.

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Daryl Falconer and Lewis Payne celebrate Kennoway’s third goal. Photo by Eilidh Black

Warrender was called into action as he salvaged an effort from Strang as the half hour approached.

Rosyth surprised the hosts when a long diagonal pass was picked up by Lumsden off the right. The striker carried the ball into the penalty area before hitting a wicked return through Warrender in the goal.

Kennoway only took four minutes to equalize and it was a good team goal. Falconer played the ball to Balmer in the middle of the park, the skipper’s stand swept the ball off Jason Watson who in turn returned the ball to the skipper, a touch in front of a defender and a low ball in Payne’s path saw the striker happily kicking the ball home.

The goal helped trigger KSH into a period of constant attacks. A long ball out of Hughes’ defense saw Falconer pass Roysth’s back line before hitting an exquisite chip twenty yards from Penman’s desperate dive for the number two goal.

Kennoway moved closer again when a Cooper free kick was received by Griffin’s header, the defender watched the ball slip past the post.

The third goal came ten minutes from time. A precise pass from Jason Watson found Falconer in a similar position to his first goal. the keeper and a defender to ensure victory.

Falconer nearly had a hat trick in the dying minutes as he fired a shot into the side net from a Cooper pass.

The drama was not over as the hosts saw Jason Watson sent off as the game entered added time. A high ball was challenged by Watson and Rosyth`s Finlay. There was a collision between the players with Finlay landing heavily on the grass. The referee judged to be in danger and produced a red card. FT 3-1

TEAM: Warrender (Jay) Watson Cut Hughes Mair Craig Brand Balmer (Jason) Watson Payne Falconer Subtitles: Cooper Bryce Kay Griffin Black Brodie

Falconer of the match


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