Kyle Falconer tests positive for Covid-19 and cancels concert in Glasgow


Kyle Falconer has tested positive for Covid-19 and has been forced to cancel his concert at the Saint Luke Concert Hall in Glasgow.

The View frontman has confirmed that the concert will be revamped as he works with the venue to set a new date, which will hopefully be announced early next week.

The Dundee singer announced in a statement that he had been “affected by the dreaded Covid-19”.

Kyle Falconer cancels Glasgow concert due to Covid-19

Fans have rushed to the comments to wish the singer the best of luck following the unfortunate news.

One of them commented: “Hope you stay safe and get well soon”

Another wrote: “Gwella’n fuan! Get well soon!

Someone Said: “Stay Safe Kyle Best Wishes”

Kyle is currently on tour to promote his new album No Love Songs for Laura, released earlier this year.

The 34-year-old singer was supposed to end his UK tour by performing in Scotland, after concerts in Leeds, Manchester and London.

Kyle rose to fame as the frontman of The View, but the group is on hiatus with the release of their last album in 2015.

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