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Wild animals belong to the jungle. However, there are many cases where wild animals such as leopards or bears arrive in places inhabited by humans and need to be rescued. Videos of these wild animals released into the wild are always a treat to watch. Like this video posted on Twitter by an Indian Forest Service officer of a leopard released into its natural habitat in Meerut in Uttar Pradesh.

IFS officer Ramesh Pandey posted the video on Twitter on March 5 and it has already been viewed over 11,000 times.

In the video, a man is seen releasing the leopard by opening its cage in the back of a van. Within seconds, the wildcat exits the truck and heads for the forest after crossing a shallow body of water.

“It’s always satisfying for field staff to bring rescued animals back to their habitats. Congratulations to DFO Meerut and his team for the successful rescue and release of the leopard,” he captioned the video.

Watch the video below:

“Thank God he is safe and sound. This wildcat was seen near my in-laws’ house yesterday. I was worried for the children and even for his safety. Well thank you sir and thank you also to the police officers who made this rescue operation smooth, ”commented a Twitter user on the post. “The 12 happiest seconds on Twitter today,” said another.

Another IFS officer, Rajesh Kumar, took to Twitter to share the incident. He thanked his elders and members of the rescue team as well as the local public for the rescue operation. He said it was really a difficult task to do the rescue in a densely populated area. He also wished the leopard all the best, whom they had named Pallav.

See his tweet below:

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