Letter to the Editor: Virology is pseudoscience


Before the allopathic Rockefeller establishment took over in the early 1900s and turned health care into a “medical industrial complex”, homeopathic scientists understood (and still understand) viral particles as the simple product of dead cells or dying. They are dead, inert and harmless outside the body. Story over.

The Rockefeller establishment has adopted the stolen “germ theory” of Louis Pasteur, which assumes that virus particles can invade a body from the outside. Of course, it’s called a theory, because it’s never been proven.

By the 1950s, the pseudo-science of virology was on the rocks, as the germ theory crowd realized that viruses did not reproduce. They needed a different story, and fast. So they selected John Enders’ hypothesis, based on his virus culture experiment, which attempted to prove that pathogenic exogenous viral particles enter a host’s body and communicate a message, instructing the host’s cells to reproduce millions of copies of the invading virus.

John Enders revealed in his own paper that he performed a control experiment with his thesis experiment, and that the control experiment proved that his method could not demonstrate viral transmission. However, the profit and agenda-driven allopathic establishment ignored Enders’ revelations and adopted his method as the industry standard (still used today) to prove viral contagion – even though Enders himself even admitted he was on the wrong tree.


About a year ago, former virology researcher Dr. Stefan Lanka replicated Enders’ experiment, including the control, and got the same results as Enders, once again proving that the Virology claims are false.

These realities may not sound sexy, but they are solid proof that virology is pseudo-science, underpinned by flawed methodology. There are many additional arguments against what we call a virus, but the list is too long.

Louis Pasteur admitted in his diary before his death that he was wrong about the germ theory. And the recently deceased Dr. Luc Montagnier, who was one of the main perpetrators of the AIDS-HIV scam, has also admitted that he was wrong about HIV, and that unless a virus be isolated, “you have nothing”. This is why virologists have their own definition of the meaning of “isolate”.

It is not a political subject, as is claimed. This is the truth, and many people hurt by a useless vaccine, based on a virus that has never been isolated, whose genetic code was derived “in silico” by sequencing software, not by a direct study of isolated SARS-COV-whole. 2 particles. All of this is confirmed by the CDC. I have submitted letters to the editor on these topics.


Now, as expected, comes the new moneypox scam. People have had almost three years to question the narrative and their own beliefs. But it seems most want to stay ignorant and scared. Like Don, who got a liquor degree and the usual college indoctrination propaganda that freaks like Pasteur, Koch, Salk and the rest of the allopathic animals torturing the Rocke-fellas helped save us. This country seems to be filled with misinformed people who know just like Don.

On the other hand, there are many professionals trying to enlighten the world, who are tagged with all the regular terms, like “conspiracy theorist”, etc. Some of these sources are Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Drs. Mark and Samantha Bailey, Dr Stefan Lanka, Dr Amanda Vollmer and Steve Falconer. Their goal is to dispel the lies of modern allopathic medicine and lead us back to preventive health care based on homeopathy. IMO, Dr. Andrew Kaufman is the best communicator on this difficult subject.

Question dogma, you may be surprised at the illusion in which we have lived for a century. It is up to you, who want a better future for your children, to create that future, by getting to work, questioning and finding the real truth. And then, standing up, holding your position, brandishing the weapon of truth.

Robert Milne



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