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Students of color don’t feel safe

D: Students, principal sorry for racist act at hoop game (8 March)

I was shown a video clip of some audience members making monkey noises during a basketball game between Maples Collegiate and Transcona Collegiate Institute on March 1.

My classmate being the target of something so blatantly racist was not just overwhelming, but a reminder that schools are not safe havens. Something so grotesque, so racist, should have been dealt with immediately.

This has since been resolved to the student’s satisfaction, but many others, including myself, have had no apologies or affirmative action when brought up similar things. When will students of color be safe and respected in schools?

Riley Twovoice


NATO action would help Putin

D: Zelenskyy’s plea for fighter jets meets mixed response from NATO allies (March 9)

When Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his attack on Ukraine, he probably wasn’t looking for a war with NATO. But he would surely like one now, or at least the perception of one in the eyes of the Russian people.

To prevent the Russian people from discovering the disastrous failure of his war, Putin will try to convince his people that the war is not against the Ukrainian people, but against those monstrous Americans and their NATO allies.

That is why it is essential that NATO does not tell him. If the Russian people see US and NATO forces shooting down Russian planes and attacking air defense systems inside Russia, they will be much more likely to buy the narrative that they and their president are in the fight of their life against the entire western world. .

This would prevent an uprising of the Russian people from taking place.

Don Neydli


For those of us whose parents or grandparents were born in Ukraine and maintained contact there, every scene outside Ukraine adds to the pain. The Mennonite church to which I belong was born in this part of the world. We have spiritual parents there.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is an isolated, obsessed and fearful leader. The Old Testament prophet Ezekiel describes someone like him in these terms: “Will you say, ‘I am a god,’ in the presence of those who kill you, God… ? “. Putin is not a god.

One day, perhaps soon, history, the Russian people he deceives and the God he professes to worship will all have a verdict to pronounce. Of this we can be sure, and for me it gives me great comfort in grief.

Harold Jantz


While the Ukrainian people are going through incredible suffering, so will the Russian people, and very soon. The necessary sanctions NATO is imposing on Russia are impacting innocent lives, including the Russian people who seek to end this war.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is ensuring that his own people will suffer incredible hardship and deprivation.

The UN Refugee Agency may very well be called upon to assist not only those fleeing Ukraine, but also those fleeing Russia or trying to survive in Russia.

My heart breaks for the people of both countries.

Elizabeth McInerney


Maybe stop having kids

D: Disastrous climate report overshadowed, but urgent (Editorial, March 5)

According to the late theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, the three greatest threats to human existence are global warming, nuclear war and artificial intelligence. The United Nations’ disastrous climate report shows that global warming is now the main contender and will be the most likely cause of the end of human life on planet Earth.

If humanity does not respond to the growing catastrophe of global warming, then clearly this is not a world for children. Perhaps we should stop having children since we cannot combine our collective efforts to work in harmony towards a safe world until it is too late, which is to say very soon.

Brian WA MacKinnon


The high price of gasoline disturbs

Re: Adapting to high gas prices (LetterMarch 9)

For letter writer Calvin Brown, suggesting people “cut back on whining” about high gas prices is unwarranted.

I live in Winnipeg but travel to the Rural Municipality of Hanover for work. I ride 100 kilometers a day out of necessity, not for pleasure. I have a large family and my income supports my household.

Current gas prices are hurting me financially. I don’t whine. I logically look at my family’s bottom line.

Please stop judging others when you have no idea what they are dealing with. In a world where you could be anything, be nice.

Aviva Cohen


Stefanson should have known

D: Didn’t know COVID patients sent out of province: Stefanson (8 March)

When she was Minister of Health, Heather Stefanson denied knowing about the state of Manitoba’s health care system during the third wave of COVID-19. Playing the “I didn’t know” card shows a lack of leadership, responsibility and accountability when 57 patients had to be transferred out of province to make more critical care beds available in Manitoba.

One has to wonder if Stefanson’s mantra for the health of Manitobans is, “See no crisis, hear no crisis, speak no crisis.

Rita Tuokko


It is very interesting that Heather Stefanson was unaware that COVID-19 patients were being moved out of province when she was Minister of Health. Maybe she should have read the newspaper.

Susan Tennenhouse


I think a hospital bed would become available pretty quickly if Premier Heather Stefanson got sick and had to travel to Thunder Bay for treatment.

Marie-Jane Robinson


Limits on strategic borrowing

D: PCs to limit borrowing, cap debt Hydro (March 9)

This always happens when the PCs see their run come to an end. They are trying to cripple the new government by emptying the rainy day fund, selling off provincial assets, passing balanced budget legislation or demanding a plebiscite to raise taxes.

Now they want to limit what can be borrowed by a crown corporation they continually treat as their personal ATM, while saying the government is limited on what it can borrow from anywhere else.

So PCs maybe add an amendment that what you take from Hydro can only be a percentage of what you borrow from elsewhere, so Hydro can actually manage its own debt instead of helping you manage your party’s promises and public relations issues.

Brian Spencer


Insulting broken waitlist promise

D: Blackout is a crummy excuse for silent wait times (Editorial, March 9)

When Health Minister Audrey Gordon announced on March 3 that an update on the wait list for surgeries would be provided the next day, Manitobans waited for that update, but it never came. occurred. Being told that the update could not be provided due to a blackout clause while campaigning for an upcoming by-election was nothing short of a slap in the face. Did the prohibition clause appear overnight?

Lea Durham


Appeal to ex-Bombers

I live in the provincial riding of Fort Whyte, where the upcoming by-election includes two candidates who are former members of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Liberal Willard Reaves is a former running back and PC candidate Obby Khan is a former offensive lineman.

Unfortunately, I cannot support any of these gentlemen. I find their positions offensive.

Kurt Clyde



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