Looking for a job? Worksource Yakima can help you


Many jobs are open in Yakima County today, but where do you find a listing and resources to help you find a job? You can find this information at Worksource Yakima, which is hosting an open house on Tuesday, October 4 in Union Gap.

Your chance to familiarize yourself with the services offered by Worksource

Worksource officials say you’ll have the opportunity to meet officials who can help you get job training, career guidance, or find a job. All help offered by Worksource Yakima is free. Worksource Yakima is located at 1205 Ahtanum Ridge Drive in Union Gap, just south of Costco in the Ahtanum Ridge Business Park. “WorkSource is a one-stop job shop,” says Amy Martinez, CEO. “Dedicated staff are available to assist you free of charge.”

In addition to helping you land a job, they also provide free access to computers

Services available at the Worksource Yakima office in Union Gap;

Free access to technology like computers, printers and phones

•Career assessments
• Career planning and connections to training programs
• Connection to programs offering high school diplomas or GEDs
• Services specifically for agricultural workers and veterans
• Dismissal assistance

• Referral to community resources such as community college, Job Corps, People For People, OIC, etc.

• Assistance with CVs, interviews and job search

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