Marvel’s Avengers – All New Cosmetics and Starter Pack Pricing


Marvel’s Avengers players now have a ton of new starter packs with outfits, emotes, nameplates, and credits available for purchase.

This week marks the close of the second Red Room Takeover event, but Marvel Avengers players are getting closer to the highly anticipated August content drop for the game. War for Wakanda content is still at least a few weeks away, with just a vague August 2021 release window announced, but gamers can still find lots of things to do in the game in the weeks (or months …) leading up to the game. first major expansion.

As players return to the game and start working on the weekly content rotation for XP and other rewards, it can be tempting to pick up some of the new costumes that have been dropped since the game’s launch. to make those impulse cosmetic purchases, Marvel Avengers is releasing a large series of starter packs filled with outfits, emotes, nameplates, and credits at owner stores.

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Starter packs have pretty solid value for players who are interested in in-game cosmetic items and aren’t afraid to spend real-world bucks and pennies. The biggest selling point of this current lot is certainly the variety. Each hero now has a standalone Starter Pack for players who like to play favorites, but there are also some pretty cool themed combo packs that are more expensive, but add more items and credits for players who want to spend more money…

Black Widow Heroic Starter Pack – $ 4.99

Outfit of Silent Fate

Test the fire emote

Black Widow 031 nameplate

500 credits

Captain America Heroic Starter Pack – $ 4.99

Avengers First Outfit

Rally Emote

Captain America 007 nameplate

500 credits

Heroic Hulk Starter Pack – $ 4.99

Super tight fit

Glasses emote

Hulk 019 nameplate

500 credits

Heroic Iron Man Starter Pack – $ 4.99

Bleeding Edge Outfit

Air guitar emote

Iron Man 043 nameplate

500 credits

Ms. Marvel’s Heroic Starter Pack – $ 4.99

Advanced outfit

Fan Girl Emoticon

Nameplate Ms. Marvel 062

500 credits

Thor Heroic Starter Pack – $ 4.99

Young Thor Outfit

Emote hanging out

Thor 019 nameplate

500 credits

Kate Bishop Heroic Starter Pack – $ 4.99

Hawk bird outfit

Blind Fire Emote

Kate Bishop 024 nameplate

500 credits

Incredible Rivalry Starter Pack – $ 9.99

Iron Man and Captain America Theme

Outfits of illustrious and ultimate patriots

Fireworks and shield game emotes

Iron Man 002 and Captain America 030 nameplates

1050 Credits

Amazing Godly Gamma Starter Pack – $ 9.99

Hulk and Thor Theme

Gladiator and unworthy outfits

Too easy and bouncy emotes

Hulk 004 and Thor 035 nameplates

1050 Credits

Amazing On-Board Spy Starter Pack – $ 9.99

Black Widow and Ms. Marvel Theme

Infiltrator outfits and battle armor

Souvenirs and sodas emoticons

Black Widow 009 and Ms. Marvel 060 nameplates

1050 Credits

Amazing Hawkeyes Starter Pack – $ 9.99

Kate Bishop and Hawkeye Theme

Young Avenger and Royal Ronin outfits

Just a Moment and Here Boy Emotes

Kate Bishop 023 and Hawkeye 028 nameplates

1050 Credits

$ 5 and $ 10 per pop isn’t too bad, but it would definitely add up for players who want to grab all those packs. It seems likely that many players will choose the Starter Pack for their primary, but it will be interesting to see how many big spenders grab all the available options instead.

That covers pretty much everything heroes need to know about the new starter packs. Be sure to check back frequently for more Marvel Avengers news, guides and updates in the near future.

Marvel’s Avengers is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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