Mary Shelley Biopic Mary’s Monster to Tell Frankenstein Author’s Story


A new biopic is in development about one of the most legendary authors of all time. Variety reports that Fulwell 73 and Rose Pictures (Kill your darlings) team up to co-produce Mary’s monster, a biopic on Frankenstein author Mary Shelley. The film follows Shelley as she struggles to complete her iconic gothic horror novel which was first published in 1818.

Farren Blackburn (daredevil, A discovery of witches) is on board to direct the feature film. The screenplay comes from Deobrah Baxtrom (Living with Frankenstein), and an included connecting line for the plot reads: “Terrified to give voice to the darkness of her subconscious, Mary Shelley locks herself in a dangerous battle with her own ‘monster within’ as she struggles to write her seminal sci-fi novel, Frankenstein.”


Frankenstein, now a 204-year-old story, is considered the world’s premier science fiction novel. It has inspired countless adaptations across all artistic mediums. According to legend, Shelley invented the story of Frankenstein at 19 when she invented ghost stories with her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley and the poet Lord Byron. The author died of a suspected brain tumor at the age of 53.

Heather Greenwood and Leo Pearlman produce Mary’s monster for Fulwell 73. Roe Ganguzza, Max Born, Damon Lane and Jake Alden-Falconer are also producing for Rose Pictures. No casting information has yet been revealed. Mary Shelley was previously played by Elle Fanning in the 2017 biopic Mary Shelley as his personal life also served as a creative inspiration.

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Several movies based on Universal’s monsters are in the works

Universal Monsters Celebrates 90th Anniversary With Two Dual-Feature Events In October

Meanwhile, universal monsters, which include Frankenstein’s monster created by Shelley, are making a resurgence in recent years. by Leigh Whannell The invisible Man, created in collaboration with Universal and Blumhouse, was a big hit when it was released in 2020. Despite its minimal budget, the film was very well received by critics and horror fans, making it one of the of the best genre films of that year.

The success of The invisible Man also brings more of these types of reboot movies based on the Universal Monsters classics. Dracula continues to inspire various projects, including an upcoming film by Karyn Kusama. Chloe Zhao will also be developing an “original, futuristic, sci-fi western” based on the Dracula story while comedy Renfield will give it another reimagining with Nicolas Cage as the famous vampire. Ryan Gosling should also star in a project werewolf to restart.

It’s unclear when we’ll see the next movie based on Frankenstein’s monster, but it’s only a matter of time. Be the Ricardos star Javier Bardem has said he hopes to play the monster in a Bride of Frankenstein movie. He said so in a SiriusXM interview, but noted that he had no idea if this supposed project would end up happening.

“Me personally, I would love to play Frankenstein,” he said. “I mean, actually, I’d love to play both Doctor Frankenstein and Frankenstein the Monster, because it’s a dichotomy, and the contradiction of one [and] the same being. But, I don’t know if it will or not. As far as I know it doesn’t happen… Maybe someone else does it, and another actor, but the only one I remember that could do Frankenstein is Josh Brolin. He has the same head size as me… With screws in the front, it could work.

Mary’s monster does not yet have a set release date.

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