Meet Jericho the Rhinoceros


Out of Africa Wildlife Park is an advertiser for Sonoran Living.


What sets Out of Africa apart are their carefully nurtured human / animal relationships, obtained from an animal perspective. Since we are human, we tend to look at our needs and wants before other creatures on the planet. Commercialism is becoming the dominant factor in any business, even zoos. After all, every business has its expenses. However, if this is the primary consideration then the reason people go to zoos would be buried under a corporate structure.

The reason why we go to a zoo or an animal park is to live a real animal experience, a personal encounter with nature. We want to see the wild animals up close, feel the majesty of the tiger, be blown away by the size of the rhino, and feel the “laughter” of the hyena awaiting food on Predator Feed. We want to know more about the creatures that we have only seen on TV or on the Internet.

This is what Out of Africa does: create real personal experiences for those who choose to feel nature. Can you imagine watching an adult Bengal tiger chase after a staff member, grab it and not hurt the person? This act of a top predator demonstrates his cognitive ability (free choice) and his personal friendship with a human being. In other words, he demonstrates rational thought and feelings, even in the heat of a natural predatory instinct unleashed. This activity can be seen by guests every day in the Tiger Splash Show®. What’s even more amazing is that no animal is ever trained in Out of Africa! Their relationship makes the difference. Animals are allowed to be themselves and to become ambassadors of nature for all of us.

The hope is that the guests will leave after having had a sincere personal encounter with a wild animal by nature.

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