Miami Dolphins 2021 Training Camp Workbook Aug 9


After an impressive performance Wednesday in which he pinned three consecutive punts inside the 5-yard line, new Dolphins punter Michael Palardy organized a clinic of a different kind during the Friday visit. Standing between the hash marks in midfield, Palardy hit the spiral line punt after punt to All-Pro kicker Jason Sanders, who was on the 10-yard line just inside the white perimeter. Those kicks couldn’t have been thrown with more precision, consistently hitting the “7” on Sanders’ jersey.

“For me, it’s about preparing myself mentally to experience the elements around me,” said Palardy. “My thought is if I can put the ball on a rope at a specific spot, a specific yard line, when I go out into the open field and have that ton of space, it allows me to be a bit more comfortable hitting directionally, painting the sideline if I want, putting it outside the red line here on the courts, trying to hit the ball so the returner can’t catch it, hitting it out of bounds limits.”

The glimpse of Palardy’s obsessive approach was a perfect pairing with Flores and Special Teams Coordinator / Assistant Head Coach Danny Crossman.

“I came for a visit and I think I adjusted very well to what they wanted to do and the intensity they put into the special teams,” said Palardy. “There’s a lot of value in that. It’s something that is close to my heart; coaches, head coach, coach (Brian) Flores, coach (Danny) Crossman, the intensity they put on the game. kicking is something that I enjoy. It was a good fit. “

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