Mystery as hundreds of dead birds fall from the sky onto the road


Hundreds of birds fell from the sky earlier this week – and the cause remains a mystery. A Pembrokeshire woman was left spooked after coming across dozens of dead birds on a road as she drove home on Thursday evening (February 10). Michaela Pritchard said the scene around 8 p.m. looked like a “massacre”.

A man, Ian Mccaffrey, also heard a loud “electrical-like” bang before seven or eight birds rained down on his nearby car, Wales Online reports. Pembrokeshire Council confirmed they found 200 dead birds on the road.

Similar incidents happened in Spain last November – where two hundred dead birds fell from the sky – and in North Wales in 2019. But the cause of all this remains unknown.

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This is not the first time the mysterious event has happened

Some locals have suggested that the nearby Dragon LNG plant could be a possible cause. Others have come up with their own theories – electrocution or being chased by a bird of prey at dusk and then hitting the road.

Michaela called Pembrokeshire Council to report what she saw and left quite quickly because it was such a ‘strange’ sight.

Ian said it was “surreal”.

“Once in a while you will hear a noise coming from what I think is a crow scarer used by farmers,” he said. “However, this bong was more like an electric bong – not as strong as lightning but similar. It’s like there were hundreds of birds in the sky and all of a sudden they died and fell on the ground. It was pretty surreal last night to be honest with you – it’s not something I’ve ever experienced before.”

A Dragon LNG spokesperson said nothing out of the ordinary happened at the site that day.

Pembrokeshire Council said they found 200 dead birds on the road and officers removed them. A spokesperson added that the cause was unclear and the incident had been reported to the Animal and Plant Health Agency.

The spokesman said: “We received a call at around 9pm on February 10 of a number of dead starlings on Hazelbeach Road, Waterston. Officers attended the site and approximately 200 starlings were found dead on the road. The authority has undertaken a clean-up and removed the dead birds from the site. There is no clear indication as to the cause of these deaths. We have reported the incident to the Animal Health Agency and vegetable.

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