New study finds people with pets have better quality of life


Here’s a simple way to be happier and improve your quality of life: adopt a pet.

According to a new Purina study, some of the benefits pet owners have include feeling more relaxed (60%) and less lonely (55%), improving physical well-being (44%) and feeling more confident (19%).

The long list of benefits of having a pet doesn’t end there.

According to the pet food company, pet owners also enjoy life’s defining moments more if their pets can be involved.

New research shows that 41% of pet owners who intentionally try to include their pet in celebrations, accomplishments and milestones have higher value in the moment.

Many pet owners enjoy savoring everyday moments with their pets: 19% take their fur babies to cafes; 28% appreciate mediation with their pet; and 37 take their daily steps with their special furry friend.

Overall welfare is not a one-way street that only benefits the pet owner. Pets that are included in their family’s activities and lifestyles also enjoy a higher quality of life, often living longer.

According to Purina veterinarian Libby Sheridan, “Most lifespans, for pets and people, are longer than their ‘lifespan,’ which has more to do with quality of life.”

Sheridan encourages pet owners to support their pets with a balanced diet, exercise, and veterinary care to “help pets live long, happy lives.”

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