Ohio state deep league gears up


It was around this time. The best time of the year starts next Saturday. College football will make its highly anticipated debut and all eyes will be on the Big Ten with Illinois and Nebraska facing off in a week zero showdown.

Looks like there are four levels in the Big Ten this year. Ohio State is in a league of its own until someone proves otherwise. The Buckeyes are legitimate contenders for the national title. Penn State, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin all have the ability to string together a race and become one of the best teams in the country. Then there could be a small descent to the northwest, Minnesota and Nebraska. All three programs might have flair and depth, but they might have warts that keep them from really competing with the big dogs at the top of the conference. Rutgers, Maryland, Illinois, Purdue and Michigan State are probably in a level together. They’re all strong teams, but they might not have the depth to withstand a key injury or the star power to beat their conference rivals.

The preseason screenings and depth tables are fun, but some real football will be much more exciting and entertaining. It’s time to get the burning questions answered and see which teams might exceed expectations. It’s time to see if the Big Ten can flex their muscles in what we hope is closer to a “normal” college football season.

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Let’s dive into the power rankings.

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