Open Jim: Is the check engine light on for the Badgers football program? | College football


It’s not a bad group, but the Badgers are one injury away from being in a world of injuries in a marquee position.

It’s always easy to criticize recruiting decisions after the fact. But I don’t remember anyone saying much when Watson and Davis signed with the Badgers. And Berger’s reaction to choosing UW was sheer joy. If he had failed, we won’t have this conversation.

UW rocked and missed some top notch prospects in each of these classes. It happens every cycle, and blaming Chryst and her staff for it is foolish.

As you mentioned, Chryst and Co. was spoiled by having two excellent full backs early in his tenure at UW. Clement racked up 1,375 yards and 15 touchdowns in 2016, Chryst’s second season. Jonathan Taylor produced a combined total of 6,174 yards and 50 rushing touchdowns – plus five receiving scores – over the next three seasons.

Allen looks like a guard, even though he wasn’t expected to be a latecomer when he set foot on campus. The next step is to add talent in the next recruiting cycles so that the withdrawal can once again become a strong position for the program.

Here’s my advice: hang in there for a few more weeks.

I’m not saying UW will beat Iowa on October 30 in what will almost certainly be the Badgers’ last chance to secure a win over a ranked opponent in the regular season. But I want to see how these next two games against Army and Purdue go to see if UW goes in the right direction and has a chance to take down the Hawkeyes.

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