Orléans General Store Bird Watchers Ask People for Killdeer Birds



Dear bird friends,

We have all heard the expression “perform the act of the broken wing”. Do birds really do that or is it basically an urban myth?

–Fred, New London, Connecticut

Not a myth, Fred. The birds really perform the broken wing act. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of other myths out there and some are pretty scary, especially on social media. Don’t you miss the days when myths were fun and harmless?

Toads gave us warts, we couldn’t swim after eating and the more we shaved, the more our beards (or whatever) grew back. Toads, of course, can’t give us warts (although they do pee on us). Swimming right after eating is actually a good thing. This is the best way to wash away all the crumbs. And I wish the shaving made the beards look thicker. I shave every day, but even if I didn’t, no one would ever know. My favorite myth is that people only use ten percent of their brains. This is not true either; it just seems like it is.



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