Over 560 animals rescued by conservationists in first quarter


In the first three months of 2022, the Cambodian Wildlife Alliance wildlife rescue team rescued over 560 animals.

Conservationists have carried out hundreds of operations to combat the illegal wildlife trade, including rescuing and confiscating wildlife. 150 seized animals have been released into the wild, while it is unclear whether the others are being rehabilitated.

The source added that the highest number of animals rescued were turtles, of which 98 were rescued and 20 were released.

Conservationists have called for greater participation in the fight to save Cambodia’s wildlife and forests. The government has put in place measures to increase security in the country’s many protected areas.

The Ministry of Environment said wildlife protection is possible through the involvement of park rangers. The ministry has also implemented the Zero-Trap campaign in various provinces that have seen the destruction and banning of wildlife traps.

Crackdowns have also been carried out in provincial markets to suppress the sale of bushmeat, which persists despite arrests. Authorities have said that the supposed benefits of eating bushmeat are false and could cause the spread of disease.

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