Ozaukee County Bald Eagle Rescue; bird of prey in intensive care, eat well


A bald eagle was rescued in Fredonia a week ago – and now Ozaukee County officials are answering questions about that rescue.

The Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Office said a deputy responded to Shady Lane Road in the city of Fredonia for an injured eagle along the roadway.

“I saw something black in a ditch in front of me, and I didn’t know what it was. So as I approached, I noticed there was a bit of white on it. And at the deep down I was thinking, this may this won’t be a bald eagle,” We Energies lineman Mike Biaerl said. “But as I got closer, I saw him raise his head — and so, I immediately turned around and parked near him, called the Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Department.”

Mike Biaerl, We Energies Lineman

“I got a call from the dispatcher that there was an injured bald eagle on the side of the road. Honestly, I didn’t believe it at first. We get a lot of injured animals sent to us. People tend to make mistakes or So I thought it would be a hawk or a turkey or something,” Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Zilke said.

Deputy Zilke called the Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation Center – and they said to “just throw a blanket over it and put it in your car”.

“I figured there was no way it could go this well. But okay, we’ll give it a shot,” Zilke said.

When the deputy arrived on the scene, he knew he would need help from the experts at Pine View.

“My job at that time was to make sure the eagle stayed out of traffic. I didn’t feel like chasing him. So, I called my friends at Pine View again and said, ‘ “I’m going to need help. here,” Zilke said.

The dispatcher called the Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation Center who met the deputy at the scene and transported the bird to their facility for treatment.

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“We sort of assume it was a car accident. And I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and say there might have been a car coming from the opposite direction – that they could maybe just don’t stop far enough to stray,” said Kristen Bustamante of the Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

Kristen Bustamante of the Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Bustamante said the bird of prey is resting comfortably in their center’s intensive care unit – and eating well.

“We assume and have kind of diagnosed a dislocated shoulder. Unfortunately for our birds of prey and really all birds, they don’t have the same kind of ball and socket joint that we have. There isn’t there is no way to surgically reduce any dislocation in these birds,” Bustamante said.

Bustamante said the eagle had no broken bones – and officials believe it is a female.


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